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LiveChat updates

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Livechat: Chats tied to tickets
17 December 2013

Chats tied to tickets

Reach the information you need faster by accessing chats tied to tickets. When looking at a ticket, click on the chat link to see the related chat.

Related chat in a ticket

You can also access tickets in the same way. When looking at an archived chat, click on the related ticket link to reach the ticket created for this case.

Chats tied to tickets

This will help you to get the crucial information faster and solve cases more efficiently.

Livechat: Chat archives events
10 December 2013

Chat archives events

You can now get the full story behind each chat thanks to the addition of chat Archives events. The events will show you what actions were performed by agents and visitors during the chat.

Chat archives events
Livechat: Introducing LiveChat tickets
4 December 2013

Introducing LiveChat tickets

Handle cases that couldn’t be resolved through chat using LiveChat tickets. The new ticketing feature will help you provide even better support at no additional cost.

LiveChat Tickets update

You can create tickets from chat or receive them via email or when your chat is offline. Read more about tickets.

Livechat: iPhone LiveChat iOS7 app
12 November 2013

iPhone LiveChat iOS7 app

Get the latest LiveChat iOS7 app to chat with customers while mobile. The easy to access chat history and improved push notifications will allow you to quickly identify problems and resolve them on the spot. The new app for iPad is in the works.

iPhone LiveChat iOS7 app
Livechat: Chat window logo and Reports updates
7 November 2013

Chat window logo and Reports updates

The chat window logo has been made Retina Display compatible. By uploading a high-res logo, you can improve its look and make it sharper on Retina Display monitors.

Chat window logo on Retina

Additionally, the Reports section has received a number of small updates:

  • reports will now work better on mobile devices
  • the look of the report tooltips has been improved
Reports tooltip update
Livechat: In-app support in LiveChat
22 October 2013

In-app support in LiveChat

We’ve added an in-app support function to the web application. If you need help while using the app or configuring something, simply click on the Help button to chat with one of our agents.

Additionally, we’ve made the notifications settings more accessible by moving them to the agent menu.

In-app support in LiveChat
Livechat: LiveChat’s ticketing system beta
8 October 2013

LiveChat’s ticketing system beta

We’ve launched the beta version of the LiveChat ticketing system! If you want to join the ticketing system beta, visit the beta site and sign up now. Tests are closed now.

LiveChat ticketing system beta
Livechat: node.js and Ruby LiveChat API libraries released
13 September 2013

node.js and Ruby LiveChat API libraries released

We’ve released node.js and Ruby LiveChat API libraries. Here are some examples what a skilled programmer can do with them:

  • Display chat number on your internal statusboard
  • Remotely change agents’ statuses
  • Manage agent’ data
  • Export reports

Simply show this to your programmer and he or she will know what to do.

The libraries can be accessed via our API documentation page or directly on Github: node.js and Ruby.

Livechat: Save leads from chat with amoCRM integration
11 September 2013

Save leads from chat with amoCRM integration

Guys from amoCRM created a new integration with LiveChat. Using the amoCRM integration, you can easily store contacts, along with chats, from your LiveChat in amoCRM.

If you want to give it a try yourself, be sure to check the amoCRM integration page.

amoCRM integration in action
Livechat: New LiveChat Mac app available
14 August 2013

New LiveChat Mac app available

An updated version of the LiveChat Mac app is now available for download.

The new 2.1 version includes such interface upgrades as:

  • Chat importance indicators: see which chats require your attention
  • Conversation timeline: previous chats with clients are available in the chat window

Get the new LiveChat for Mac application!

2.1 LiveChat Mac app update
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