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LiveChat updates

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Livechat: Agents list mobile icon
10 June 2014

Agents list mobile icon

The Agents list mobile icon will let you know which agents are logged in to LiveChat only via a mobile device. You can use this information to spot agents who forgot to log out of their mobile apps at the end of their shift.

Agents list Mobile icon update
Livechat: Credit card masking
9 June 2014

Credit card masking

Enterprise users can now use credit card masking to hide credit card numbers in chats and archives. Instead of showing the full CC number, agents will see only the last four digits of the card. This will allow you to adhere to various security standards, such as PCI DSS.

You can turn on the credit card masking in the Security section.

Credit card masking in LiveChat
Livechat: Work scheduler for all days of the week
26 May 2014

Work scheduler for all days of the week

Set different working hours for each day of the week for agents who change their shifts often. The updated work scheduler will allow you to either set the working hours for weekdays and weekends or for each day separately.

To learn more about the work scheduler and agent working hours, read our work scheduler tutorial.

Work scheduler for days update
Livechat: Exportable goals report
22 May 2014

Exportable goals report

If you need detailed information about your goals to calculate your agents commission or to determine the next steps for your company, the new exportable goals report will have you covered.

Enterprise plan users can get it on demand or schedule an automatic export via the Export section.

New exportable Goals report
Livechat: Add LiveChat to your page via 1&1 integration
16 May 2014

Add LiveChat to your page via 1&1 integration

Gain new leads and stay in touch with your customers by using the LiveChat and 1&1 integration. It is really easy to set up – you will be able to chat with your customers within minutes.

1&1 Integration with LiveChat
Livechat: Introducing LiveChat Dashboard
15 May 2014

Introducing LiveChat Dashboard

Get the latest scoop on the state of your customer service using the LiveChat Dashboard. The dashboard provides key chat and ticket-related metrics. Get it on your wall, mobile or desktop and start tracking!

LiveChat Dashboard update
Livechat: New LiveChat graphics available
8 May 2014

New LiveChat graphics available

You can now choose from a wider selection of eye-catchers, chat buttons and agent photos. Check out all the new LiveChat graphics and spice up your chat!

New LiveChat graphics
Livechat: Send button for mobile chat window
6 May 2014

Send button for mobile chat window

The addition of a ‘send’ button for the mobile chat window will allow your website visitors to contact you more easily when using a mobile device.

Send button for mobile chat window
Livechat: CC option in tickets
5 May 2014

CC option in tickets

Keep everyone in the loop using the new CC option in tickets. Adding additional email addresses to a ticket will allow you to notify all interested parties about its status.

CC option in tickets update
Livechat: Single goal reports
30 April 2014

Single goal reports

Check out the effectiveness of your chat when it comes to individual business goals. You can now get single goal reports to see how particular business tasks are achieved and which need some additional work.

Single goal reports in LiveChat
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