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LiveChat updates

We like to stay fresh!
Livechat: Talkdesk and ActiveCampaign integrations in LiveChat
12 August 2013

Talkdesk and ActiveCampaign integrations in LiveChat

Improve your use of LiveChat with two fresh integrations.

Looking for a way to reach new subscribers? The ActiveCampaign integration will help you get your newsletters to a wider audience.

ActiveCampaign integration in use

Take control of your communication with clients and manage contact information from several platforms with Talkdesk integration. A must-have integration for a modern call center.

TalkDesk integration contact management
Livechat: Co-browse using Firefly integration
7 August 2013

Co-browse using Firefly integration

Starting today, you can host co-browsing sessions with your clients to quickly handle support cases.

With the new Firefly integration, you will be able to quickly pinpoint problems and deal with them directly.

Firefly integration update
Livechat: LiveChat Android app update
30 July 2013

LiveChat Android app update

An updated version of the LiveChat Android app is now available. The new version includes a fix that will significantly reduce the battery usage of the LiveChat app.

Get the new version of the app today!

Longer Android battery life with LiveChat Android app
Livechat: Mac LiveChat application update
25 July 2013

Mac LiveChat application update

A new version of the Mac LiveChat application is now available. Some of the major changes include:

  • Everything in one window: All chats and visitor tracking happens in one window.
  • Unified statuses: Accept chats and Don’t accept chats statuses have been introduced to the Mac application.
  • Simplified settings: We’ve cut down on unnecessary settings and left only the essentials.

Get the updated LiveChat for Mac application.

Updated Mac LiveChat application
Livechat: Answer chats from mobile users
23 July 2013

Answer chats from mobile users

The chat window is now fully supported across all mobile devices and will allow you you to receive chats from mobile users.

Chats from mobile users
Livechat: Pending chats warning
22 July 2013

Pending chats warning

We have introduced a pending chats warning preventing you from losing your current chats when the web application is accidentally closed.

Pending chats warning

Whenever you have ongoing chats or you have the Accepting chats status, you will get a warning when you try to close the application tab or the browser.

Livechat: First-time visitor greeting
17 July 2013

First-time visitor greeting

Make a great first impression and show that you have a chat option available using the First-time visitor greeting. Using this greeting, you can talk to people who visit your website for the very first time.

Set up a new greeting for your first-time visitors now!

Livechat: Lightning fast chat window
15 July 2013

Lightning fast chat window

We’ve significantly sped up the chat window loading time by switching to EdgeCast. Your visitors will be able to get help even faster!

Check out the low loading times for the fast chat window:

Lighting fast chat window
Livechat: LiveChat Windows application update
27 June 2013

LiveChat Windows application update

New version of the LiveChat Windows application has just been released!

Here are some of the major changes coming with this update:

  • Information stored in various integrations, e.g. FullContact, is now available in the application as visitor details.
  • Chats are now colored according to their status (active chats are green, chats that require your immediate attention are red and inactive chats are grey).
  • Agents can access chat history straight from the chat window.

Check out the updated version of the application!

LiveChat Windows application update
Livechat: Use WHMCS integration to store chat transcripts as notes
19 June 2013

Use WHMCS integration to store chat transcripts as notes

Keep a complete history of your communication with visitors in WHMCS. Use this information to spot valuable leads and convert them into customers.

See how to set up the integration in WHMCS integration guide.

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