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LiveChat updates

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Livechat: LiveChat on your support page via HelpIQ integration
11 March 2014

LiveChat on your support page via HelpIQ integration

Offer instant help and resolve pressing issues by installing LiveChat on your support page via the HelpIQ integration. Providing a live chat option on your documentation page will allow you to help customers find particular answers and address questions that are not yet documented.

LiveChat and HelpIQ integration
Livechat: iPad and iPhone tickets
7 March 2014

iPad and iPhone tickets

Create tickets on the go using the latest versions of our iPhone and iPad apps.

When you get tough cases you can’t handle out of the office, you can create iPhone tickets and get back to them or assign them to one of your colleagues.

Grab the latest iPhone and iPad apps to create tickets while mobile.

iPad and iPhone tickets in LiveChat apps
Livechat: Save LiveChat reports as CSV files
8 February 2014

Save LiveChat reports as CSV files

Save LiveChat reports to a file for all kinds of number-crunching operations. To save a report to a CSV file, access it in the Reports section and select save as CSV.

Save LiveChat reports to a CSV file
Livechat: New LiveChat iPad iOS7 app
29 January 2014

New LiveChat iPad iOS7 app

The new LiveChat iPad iOS7 app makes chatting even more convenient thanks to the new, clear interface and landscape mode.

Get the app from the App Store, kick back on your favorite sofa and start chatting!

New LiveChat iPad iOS7 app
Livechat: Percentage value for customer satisfaction
24 January 2014

Percentage value for customer satisfaction

You can now quickly gauge the effectiveness of your support by checking the percentage value for your customer satisfaction reports.

Customer satisfaction value
Livechat: Crop agent pictures and the IE 11 bug fix
17 January 2014

Crop agent pictures and the IE 11 bug fix

You can now crop agent pictures to your liking, which makes getting the right picture for your profile much easier.

Crop agent pictures in LiveChat

We’ve also fixed a small chat window bug visible to Internet Explorer 11 users.

Livechat: Recent tickets view
15 January 2014

Recent tickets view

Navigate between cases using the recent tickets view – after answering a ticket, you will be able to quickly move to a new case.

Recent tickets update
Livechat: Manual ticket creation
13 January 2014

Manual ticket creation

You can now use manual ticket creation in the Tickets section. Simply select the Create a ticket button and fill in the form.

Manual ticket creation in LiveChat

Additionally, it is now possible to filter through the available agents when assigning a ticket.

Filtering ticket assignee in LiveChat
Livechat: Contextual back button
19 December 2013

Contextual back button

Easily navigate through the tickets section using the contextual back button. The button will lead back to the site you were browsing, making the navigation much more intuitive.

Contextual back button in LiveChat
Livechat: Chats tied to tickets
17 December 2013

Chats tied to tickets

Reach the information you need faster by accessing chats tied to tickets. When looking at a ticket, click on the chat link to see the related chat.

Related chat in a ticket

You can also access tickets in the same way. When looking at an archived chat, click on the related ticket link to reach the ticket created for this case.

Chats tied to tickets

This will help you to get the crucial information faster and solve cases more efficiently.

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