10 Best Public Speaking Tips – Part 2

May 14, 2020
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Keep learning new ways to prepare for your keynote with this easy to follow Public Speaking tips part 2

Keep learning new ways to prepare for your keynote with this easy to follow Public Speaking tips part 2

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10 Best Public Speaking Tips – Part 2

We think oh my god we are not funny maybe my whole thing is a mess

Last time we gave you five tips in order to prepare yourself for your next public speaking occasion or facing an audience. Today we’re going to focus on five things you can do right at the moment, the very same day that you’re gonna be speaking to people. So welcome one more time to Step Up.

The first step is to own the stage, trying to find the place that you gotta be talking from. find that stage and own it. Climb up and make sure you walk around. Walk around up and down and find the place that you feel comfortable. After that when you climb up again you know that place belongs to you

tip number two is to greet and smile find the doors of the place that you’re gonna be talking in and say hello to people, be there greet them, smile at them, ask them questions. After that they’re not gonna be unfamiliar faces, there’s gonna be people that you know tip number three is to Look at Faces now that you know some of these people, pick three pick one on the right, one on the left, one in the middle so when you’re walking around te stage, you can look at these faces, find them and smile at them, you know who they are! that way you don’t have to worry about who is looking at you, what are they doing, are they paying attention just focus on the three faces and you’ll be allright

tip number four is to don’t push for questions, when you try to ask a question and wait for an answer you’re putting people in the spotlight they’re also scared of public speaking so they don’t want to get up and say something, so don’t push for questions because otherwise you’re gonna lose your focus waiting for an answer that might never get there.

and tip number five is don’t try to be funny the problem with trying to be funny is that when we push a joke and we are waiting for a laugh and that laugh never gets there, we start freaking out we think, oh my God we’re not funny maybe my whole thing is a mess. So you’re gonna put extra weight on yourself that you don’t really want. Don’t try to be funny just be natural people will laugh at small jokes

So those are the five tips we have for you in order to face an audience on the very first day. well I have another one as a bonus tip KISS. Keep it simple stupid. Make sure you don’t try to over complicate things people wants to be fed very nicely and they want to digest things that they’re easy to digest don’t complicate it, make it simple, make it entertaining, and you’ll be fine

see you next time we really want to hear from you so make sure you leave a comment in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe we’ll see you next time

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