3 Futuristic Possibilities of Live Chat in the Near Future

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Apr 28, 2017
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live chat in the future

One of the prime constituents of a good customer service is a comprehensive support system. Gone are the days when a business could simply rely on a phone call or an email from their customers to answer their queries and provide them with support. The customer of today needs answers as fast as possible. And one of the best ways to ensure this is to provide support via a live chat solution.

Over time, live chat has proved to be extremely effective when it comes to answering customer queries quickly and efficiently. Along the way it has also evolved, adding feature sets that have significantly boosted the bottom lines of companies.

The trend is expected to continue, with live chat solutions becoming even more advanced. Now they can offer capabilities that weren’t even conceivable before. Today, we take a look at some futuristic possibilities of live chat that could completely transform the face of customer support.

While some of the features may seem too futuristic to be true, rest assured that none of this is just wishful thinking. Given the advancement in modern technology, these features could become the focal points for development in the near future.

1. Augmented Reality (AR)

Simply put, the term “Augmented Reality” refers to enhancements in the sensory perceptions aided by computer-generated sensory inputs. And those include, but are not limited to, video, audio, graphics, location data (GPS) and so on. With the help of AR, it is possible to provide even more information to users and reach beyond of what they see.

For example, during a live chat session, the camera (which is commonplace on most devices these days, be it a laptop or a smartphone) on your device could be pointed to a “live” product and an overlay including the information about the product could be generated. The chat operator could look at this information and point out any discrepancies.

There are quite a few AR apps that are being developed these days. A lot of these use some form of a GPS system to augment local searches. A live chat operator could access this information and request for manual aid to be sent to the location from a service center, closest to the person sending request for help.

The use of AR is still fairly limited, but is expected to develop further over the next couple of years. There is no reason why live chat couldn’t use this technology to offer even better support to customers.

2. Voice Aided Support

Ever since Apple introduced Siri, voice control has been receiving a lot of attention. Although some basic form of voice control has been in use long before Siri made its debut, the voice recognition feature was crude at best. The last couple of years has seen rapid strides in the development of voice recognition and the trend is expected to continue in the future.

Instead of relying simply on sound waves to recognize commands, efforts are made to interpret voice through identifying diction and syntax, similar to how human beings recognize speech. This has led to the development of Natural Language User Interfaces (NLUI).

NLUI could be integrated with the live support tools to offer seamless voice-aided support to consumers. With the aim to get the information faster to users, the feature would allow them to simply open the chat support tool, speak relevant commands into it, and the software would automatically log-in any past details of the customer, pull out the case history and assign the chat to the relevant operator immediately.

NLUI, in combination with gestures, has the potential to take interaction and engagement with customer to the whole new level – for both chat operators and website users.

3. 3D Screens & Holograms

Alright, so this one is more for fun as opposed to usability, but this would be one awesome feature to incorporate within live chat, making it more “live” than it ever was! Also the feature might be limited only to smartphones and tablets.

We have already seen a surge in 3D mobile technology. More and more users are now looking for 3D-enabled devices as opposed to just 2D-enabled ones. Now, combine this technology with a live chat application and you have a hologram-ready live chat system, just like in Star Wars.

live chat in the future hologram

A live chat system combined with holographic projections would allow chat operators to connect with their users and customers as if they were physically present in the same space. This would add a lot of “personality” to chats and could even potentially influence the buying decisions for users favourably.

To take it one step ahead, 3D projections could also be integrated with elements of gesture to take user interaction to the next level. For example, the operator could bring up the settings panel of a software application, pinch his fingers to zoom into a specific area and proceed with explaining the toolset to the user.

Conclusion – All set for the live chat app of the future?

So, those are some exciting features to expect in live chat technology in the near future. The only question that remains is – when, or how soon and what is it going to take to get us there?

Everyone is waiting to see what the customer support of the future is going to offer and I suspect that live chat will play a key role in the process. Personally, I’m really eager to see how things will eventually unfold. And how about you? Let us know via the comments below.

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