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How AI Enhances Customer Support in LiveChat?

Wojciech Guminski
7 min read
updated: Jan 2, 2024

AI-powered technologies have been a game-changer for communication and customer service enrichment. Our LiveChat product AI updates are packed with advantages that will boost your customer experience and make you want to use our services like never before!

AI Illustration

This article explores the benefits of AI-related initiatives, and our commitment is to uphold them throughout the deployment process, ensuring our product is built upon a secure and robust foundation.

What are some of the benefits of the AI features in LiveChat?Link icon

  • Reduced wait times: AI facilitates instant answers to common questions automatically, 24/7.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: AI offers more tailored and human-like experiences than traditional self-service options.
  • Increased efficiency: Agents benefit from AI-driven response suggestions and chat categorization tools. 
  • Consistent accuracy: AI can minimize human error by providing consistent and accurate responses.
  • Optimized agent availability: By handling routine inquiries, AI allows  agents to tackle more complex issues.

Overall, AI can help businesses provide faster, more personalized, and more efficient customer service.

What AI features are available in LiveChat?Link icon

LiveChat offers a variety of AI features tailored to refine communication and enhance customer support.

At LiveChat, we prioritize a comprehensive approach to deploying AI-related features, ensuring our offerings’ effectiveness and security. Our commitment to AI isn’t just about enhancing the user experience but also ensuring a safe and trustworthy environment. Our practices adhere to verified terms typically set by a service provider, encompassing intellectual property, data usage, and restrictions. This commitment underscores the implementation of industry-standard security protocols to safeguard our valuable data and intellectual property.

In orchestrating the deployment of AI features, we follow a systematic approach crafted to optimize success and minimize potential risks. This entails setting explicit project goals, conducting targeted risk assessments for prioritization, utilizing tailored methodologies aligned with project scope, meticulously documenting model development, architecture, and tuning, implementing rigorous evaluation metrics and benchmarks, and thoughtfully addressing any limitations, assumptions, or biases.

Read on to see how to ensure compliance with the data protection requirements when dealing with AI-powered technologies and how LiveChat handles data sharing with AI providers.

Do I need to take any additional actions to use the AI features in LiveChat’s suite of products?Link icon

AI features are seamlessly integrated into the LiveChat product, so you can use them immediately. There is no need to sign an AI addendum or provide additional consent. This is because AI features are considered part of the standard LiveChat product and are therefore covered by our Agreement, as outlined in our Terms of Use.

How do I get started with the AI features in the LiveChat products?Link icon

To get started with the AI features, simply log in to your LiveChat account. You will see all the AI features that are available on your price plan.

Is your AI chat trustworthy?Link icon

While AI technology offers significant benefits, it is important to recognize its inherent limitations. As with any technology, the AI features, including our AI bot at LiveChat, are prone to error and may occasionally provide inaccurate, outdated, or misleading information. Please note that the accuracy and reliability of the AI bot in LiveChat products aren’t guaranteed, and LiveChat is not liable for any errors or inaccuracies that occur while AI models are in use.

It’s useful to understand the phenomenon known as “hallucination” within AI-powered features, where the system may generate statements that appear logical but are incorrect. For this reason, it is advised to approach AI-generated information with skepticism and verify it with reliable sources

Moreover, when utilizing AI-generated outputs, it’s essential to ensure non-discrimination and compliance with privacy laws. Even if the AI’s output is factually accurate, it should not promote or reinforce any form of discrimination. This means avoiding stereotypes, biases, and prejudiced statements or assumptions. 

It’s important to note that AI models, like those used in LiveChat, are trained on extensive data, including interactions with many different users. Consequently, the AI features in LiveChat may occasionally produce responses that are similar to those provided to other customers.

This is a result of the AI’s extensive training and exposure to a wide range of queries and conversations. This doesn’t mean that the responses are not accurate or helpful. However, it is important to be aware of this possibility so that you can critically evaluate the information provided and seek additional clarification if necessary.

A responsible use of AI features within LiveChat products, particularly in customer service, requires a high level of vigilance and awareness of their limitations. By reviewing the results and ensuring ethical use, you can maximize the potential of AI technology in a beneficial, ethical, and legally compliant manner.

How does LiveChat ensure GDPR compliance when using AI?Link icon

When we select an AI partner as a sub-processor with a primary focus on communication and customer service enrichment, we finalize a data processing agreement to secure the exchange of information. We authorize these partners to process your data in accordance with and only for the purpose specified in our Privacy Policy and Data Processing Addendum (DPA).

Our DPA binds these partners, and any international transfer of personal data is carried out under the terms of the DPA, using Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) as a transfer mechanism. The details of data transfers can be found here

What data is shared with the AI-authorized partners within LiveChat’s suite of products?Link icon

We do not share data to train the AI models of our suppliers. Queries are not utilized to train and improve the AI partners’ models.

When you use certain AI features within LiveChat’s products, specific data you provide is shared with authorized AI service providers to enhance customer support. The data shared intentionally includes:

  • Input you provide during LiveChat onboarding
  • Content of agent-written messages
  • End user queries
  • Chat content when an agent transfers a chat or generates a chat summary
  • Agent-selected input
  • System responses
  • Other related metadata

AI-authorized partners do not use these interactions to build personal profiles of users.

Where do AI-authorized partners, like OpenAI, store data within LiveChat’s suite of products?Link icon

Input and other content are stored in accordance with the storage and hosting policies of each authorized AI partner. For example, OpenAI stores data on its systems in the US and around the world.

What safeguards does LiveChat use to protect AI features?Link icon

LiveChat maintains control over data sharing with AI-authorized partners and uses many safeguards to protect AI features through several mechanisms, including:

  • Entering into DPAs with all AI-authorized partners. These agreements legally bind the partners to protect customer data and only use it for the purposes specified in the agreement.
  • Only sharing the data necessary for the AI to function properly. LiveChat only shares the data essential for the AI to function properly. This means LiveChat does not share all customer data with AI-authorized partners. As a reminder, we want to emphasize that we have strict data confidentiality practices. We do not share data with our suppliers, such as OpenAI, for training their AI models. In addition, queries submitted by users are never used in any way to train or improve the AI partners’ models.
  • Encrypting data that is transmitted to and from AI-authorized partners. Data transmitted to and from AI-authorized partners is encrypted to protect from unauthorized access.
  • Being transparent with users about how and when their data is shared with AI-authorized partners. LiveChat is transparent with its users about how and when their data might be shared with third-party providers, including AI-authorized partners. This information is included in our Privacy Policy.
  • Enabling users to request that LiveChat delete their personal data from LiveChat’s products. LiveChat has an internal procedure that allows you to exercise the right to be forgotten, ensuring data privacy and compliance with GDPR requirements. Any requests related to data subject rights under GDPR are handled in strict accordance with our Privacy Policy and Data Processing Addendum. If you have any such requests, we encourage you to contact our LiveChat support for prompt assistance.

So what are you waiting for? Start using LiveChat’s AI features today and don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your customer support to the next level!

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