How Fast Is Your Customer Service For Today’s Challenges

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Nov 11, 2016
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Fast customer service

If your customers have time, you are lucky but unfortunately they normally don’t have that. As a service provider you have to manage the little time you get to interact with customers to convey the pros of your services.

According to a recent report by CFI group, customers are disappointed. The reports also suggest that the efficiency of contact centers have gone low and only 52% of customers were provided with a plausible solution on the very first attempt.

This shows that there is somewhere a lack in the customer support system and it is essential to tap the potential of the best contemporary technologies and resources for your business.

The level of customer service totally depends on the fact how effectively you interact with your customers and how scrupulously you pay attention to every detail of their needs or issues. But the ideas behind a good customer service is always making a speedy and appropriate delivery of services, because as a customer, you and I look for an immediate response, the preparation behind it is the biggest deciding factor.

There are certain factors that help to get powerful results and if we ponder over them sincerely, then we will be able to see the next year’s customer support report with a lot of favourable improvements.

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Knowing The Customer By His First Name

An agent spoke with a customer named Karl. And the very next time Karl needed support he accessed the service provider. The agent had all the data handy and during the conversation itself Karl didn’t have to explain every detail of the case from the very beginning. The previous conversations had already made a platform of mutual understanding between Karl and the agent. Both parties were beneficial. It saved time and effort and made the customer support case a success.

Cloud hosted call centers are repositories of customer data and an agent who is using a call center software can easily access the insights coming from the customer data and use it productively during the conversation. By the way, Karl also remembers the first name of the agent and his next call will be easily directed to the same agent, depending on the agent’s availability.

Customers Move So Does Cloud

The user-friendliness of cloud technology has made the scenario easier for the customer service environment. Karl is a customer who travels a lot and he accesses his business on his smartphone. When Karl reaches for customer support, first call resolution becomes a really necessary part of the conversation. Karl needs an immediate solution and in such a situation, an agent who is speaking or live chatting with him, has to be well equipped with information and skills.

Agent skill is a matter of training but when it comes to customer information, then the role of cloud hosted call centers is unavoidable. In a virtual call centers, agents work remotely and with the help of a device and internet connection they can easily execute the customer support process. And in addition to that, at the time of a deadlock or when the agent is not able to lead the customer to a proper solution then he can easily contact an expert who is located in a different part of the world.

In this way Karl who might be traveling and might have a sense of urgency, can find a prompt solution. Because making a prompt response is a matter of preparedness. And cloud is the best way to prepare yourself for the customer service challenges.

I can do it myself

Self help tools have become more intuitive now and with the innovation of IVRs and toll free numbers it has become easier for the customers to get support on their own without wasting time. Self help tools remove the hassle of connecting with an agent and if time is the unit that decides the efficacy of a service then one of the best practices today is to give your customers an intelligent, self help tool that gives real sense to the customer’s concern for a better service in lesser time.

The design of a self help tool can be changed effectively as the insights from the customers suggest. Self help tools are meant to reduce the steps towards a solution. A customer like Karl who is looking for an immediate solution, gets tremendous help from such tools.

Intelligent Call Routing

The customer success begins from the moment a customer gets connected with an agent. It becomes more meaningful for the agents to make the best use of the time, understand the problem and provide the customer with an appropriate solution.

Here intelligent call routing plays a big role because the customer’s call is routed to the right agent without much waiting. Giving faster solutions to customers is all about understanding the issues and resolving them from the very first moment. In the same context, deploying the right agent on a specific problem is also a deciding factor to save the time of a customer, substantially.

So catching the availability of the agents becomes an absolute necessity for Karl who is fidgety while the phone is ringing.

Stable Answering To Hurried Queries

The customer support environment is one of the most chaotic places to work in. Agents and the managers have to go through a lot of pressure on a daily basis when the calls from the customers surge up. In such situations the preparedness to take every customer into consideration and respond, meaningfully, decides how capable your customer service is.

If you look at the points discussed above, giving a prompt solutions to the customer’s query is all about taking a cumulative approach towards a problem. Involving the right set of technology with the right set of human skills make a big difference towards the success of a customer service system.

Connect with customers

LiveChat is a complete customer service platform that delights your customers and fuels your sales.

Trusted by 36,000+ companies

Free 14-day trial

And with the arrival of clouds, so many avenues have opened to bring innovations and provide a customer like Karl exactly what he is looking for. Time is ticking. Is your customer support system ready for Karl?

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Photo courtesy of Tati Tata via creative commons

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