Best Software for Every Stage of Email Marketing

Inna Yatsyna
7 min read
Oct 26, 2018
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One of the most comprehensive marketing tasks is to make your email attract subscribers’ attention in their busy inboxes.

According to VentureBeat, email marketing generates the highest ROI for marketers. That’s the reason why lots of businesses widely use this strategy. Unfortunately, most of the emails they send almost shout ‘Send me to spam folder!’, with all those Caps Lock subject lines and impersonal mass message.

Every stage of your email marketing involves using special services, which help you create an efficient campaign. But what are these services and how to use them?

In this article, I’ll tell you how to make the best of different tools on your way to success.

Test your subject line:

What’s the first thing you look at deciding whether you should open an email? Yes, there’s a spoiler in the headline. It’s your subject line.

The fate of your email depends on one short line. Not all the subjects make us read emails we receive. So, it’s worth spending time to make the first impression. Let me specify six main features of an engaging subject line:

Use to make sure you created a perfect subject line. If you follow the link, you’ll see the landing page of the service. Enter your subject in the search field.

Subjectline landing page

The tool estimates your result from 1 to 100. It points out your mistakes and gives you advice on how to improve your subject line.

Identifying your target audience: Google Analytics

It’s pretty senseless to send emails not knowing who your customers are. Send your subscribers information they’re interested in. Collect demographics of visitors coming to your website and improve your strategy making it targeted.

It may happen that your opinion on your core audience differs from who they really are. Kids play toys, but it doesn’t mean they buy them. Even if you think your target audience is obvious, check it.

Сreate an account in Google Analytics to track all the statistics of your website based on your audience’s demographics. For example, to find basic data on the age and gender of the visitors, go to Demographics > Overview.

Google analyticsc demographics chart

If you want more precise information, click on Age or Gender in the left. With Google Analytics you can also track:

Targeting customers’ interests: JotForm

Being aware of your audience demographics is essential, but it’s not enough. Target subscribers with individualized email content, so that it won’t look like impersonal mass message anymore.

For instance, being the author of a travel blog, you write about various destinations. If I love spending holidays in hot countries, I’ll subscribe to find out more about such places. It’s way more chances I’ll open your newsletter with ‘Discover Top-10 places with everlasting summer’ subject, than that one called ‘Win a trip to the North Pole today!’.

If you use sign-up forms, add qualifying questions to find out every subscriber’s interest area. If you don’t use these forms, use them. JotForm will help you to create engaging forms for subscribing. In contrast to other similar tools, its registration process is very simple and quick.

Jotform form creator screen

Click on Create a Form and set up all the settings by yourself or use a template. To identify your subscribers’ interests, add a widget from the panel on the left and ask the right question. When you created your sign-up form, click on Publish, copy code and put the form on your website. Ready, you’re brilliant.

Creating a structure:

People don’t have much time to read your email. Remember there are loads of other newsletters in their inbox and your one should stand out. If the text looks like a neverending ‘wall of words,’ nobody will read it. To make your letter engaging and easy-to-read, structure your content, include a brand logo, and add images. provides you with templates and suggests blocks you may add to your email. After you sign up, click on a New email, choose one of the basic or prepared templates and personalize it.

Stripo email templates creator

Coming up with the content to send: Serpstat

If you want to send newsletters with your best posts for several weeks or a month, this paragraph is for you. The content of your emails influences subscriber’s decision on whether to come to your website or not. So, make sure that the information you send is engaging.

How can you evaluate which posts are good enough and which aren’t? It’s quite a challenging task, especially if you publish lots of articles. Good news! Serpstat copes with this task. Enter your website in the search field, go to Domain Analysis > Top Pages. You’ll see the list of your pages in hierarchical order. Those that drive the largest amount of traffic are at the top of the list. You can also filter the pages by Facebook shares.

Serpstat top pages dashboard

Automation: Active Campaign

The most significant benefit of email marketing is that you can automate your campaign. There’s no need to waste time to manually create and send your emails every time somebody signs up, buys your product, etc.

How does automatic email campaign work? You set up it once and then an email is automatically sent to a specific person when he or she meets a particular trigger.

Automation of your marketing lets you:

With ActiveCampaign you can set up all the settings for your automatic email campaign and watch the result. You’ll get more engagement with your subscribers, improve your targeting, and, what’s the most important, save your time.

ActiveCampaign dashboard

Don’t waste the result of your campaign: LiveChat

Supposing you’ve followed all the stages and your email marketing is working now. It’s time to think of the outcome of your campaign.

If you created a quality email marketing campaign, get ready people are going not only to read your emails but also go to your site (wasn’t it your aim?). Don’t leave them to themselves at this stage. Once people visit your website, they may have questions. If you don’t answer them, they’ll search somewhere else.

Use LiveChat to provide live support to your website. Go through a quick registration, and create a customized chat always available on your website. It’s very convenient that there are applications for different devices so that you can service clients anywhere and anytime.

LiveChat chat window agent app

The lesson is over

If you’re still not sure whether you should make an effort to run your email marketing campaign, let me convince you with some fresh statistics:

As you could see from the article, the process of a successful email campaign creation isn’t that difficult when you know what to do. To be more precise, almost everything you need to know is how to use various tools. Follow my tips and get ready to benefit from your marketing strategy.

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