Automatically analyze & categorize LiveChat transcripts and tickets.


Automatically analyze & categorize LiveChat transcripts and tickets.
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  • The integration is free to use
  • < 50 teams are using it
  • Analytics

Connect LiveChat with Cx MOMENTS to quickly find about about your customer service problems. The application automatically analyzes and categorizes your customer chat transcripts and tickets, even if your agents haven't tagged them correctly. Thanks to that, you wont't have to spend ages on analyzing data. What's more, you will know what changes can help to save your time and boost customer satisfaction.

Cx MOMENTS is an AI text-analytics solution that helps to analyze and understand customer feedback. The tool comes with a text analytics engine that gives verifiable data.

The solution can show you which customer queries get the biggest live chat traffic or which pages generate the biggest number of conversations. You can find out how exactly visitors form their questions and check how your agents respond to these queries. What's more, the tool lets you learn what kind of responses work best.

In general, Cx MOMENTS helps you understand your customers and their needs. Make use of this knowledge to provide a comprehensive FAQ as well as better train your agents and chatbots.


See the setup instructions on how to properly configure this app with your LiveChat account.

Contact vendor to get help and support. You can also suggest improvements or request new features in the upcoming versions of Cx MOMENTS.

Key Features

Analyze and categorize your chats

We discover the many reasons why your customers contact you by analyzing your customers chat transcripts. We detect hundreds of meaningful topics by without relying on how your agents tagged each session. Our AI analyzes the open text of each session to categorise it against one or multiple meaningful topics.

Automatically trend issues and associate evidence

Each topic, issue, reasons to-call that Cx MOMENTS detects is also trended over time in our easy to use Dashboard. And in one click you can access and export all the associated chat sessions, so that, for each customer issue, you have instant access to both metrics, trends and evidence.

Analyze your Helpdesk tickets

While many of your customers will use LiveChat, many others will also contact you via other channels. Cx MOMENTS also analyses support tickets, so you can build a single view of your customer issues across all your support channels.


Escalate recurring customer issues to other teams

Once you understand the importance and trend of your customer support issues, you can decide to escalate some to other departments for a permanent fix. Cx MOMENTS enables you to do this in a just a few clicks.

Detect topics for agents training

By viewing which agents has dealt with which type of issues, you can plan better training or on the job coaching sessions for your agents.

Prioritize self-service content

Everyone wants customers to self-serve, but putting together the right self-service content, FAQs or chatbots is a real challenge and a large investment. Cx MOMENTS helps you prioritize these plans by discovering what are the most frequent or trending issues your customers contact you about.

Single view of your customers across multiple channels

By analysing also your Helpdesk support tickets, you can get a single view of all your customer issues across all your support or sales channels.

Integration with Cx MOMENTS is free to use
  • < 50 teams are using it
  • Analytics