Use with lightboxes and modal windows?

I was hoping to have a “Live Chat” link/button inside a modal/lightbox. I’m wondering if that link/button is clicked…

  1. If using the traditional bottom right location for the chatbox, will it appear over the modal/lightbox down in the bottom right corner of the page?

  2. Has anyone tried to use an iframe inside a modal box?

I’m just trying to decide if both of those options above are possible.

thanks | gregg

Hello! :wave:
LiveChat team here. :slight_smile:
To answer your questions:

  1. our chat widget should appear on the top of everything
    it has z-index property set to 2147483639

  2. you could try to use it that way but good practice is to have a chat widget on the website itself
    not so long ago we have had popup with chat inside in our product as an option - next to embeded chat
    it wasn’t great :wink: