Things we do once in a year – how do you prepare for Holiday season?

All signs on heaven and earth show that the holiday season is coming! :v:
As we always could see from our Customer Service Report, there are also two sides to this story.
On the one hand, it means higher demand for products or services, especially in the eCommerce industry.
On the other, we have always seen a rise in the number of chats in this season.

How do you approach this topic?
Do you reorganize your support during the holiday season or the black week? Do you introduce extra staff or simply work longer hours? :thinking:
Share your tips with the rest of us! :raised_hands:

We utilize our ChatBot more during this time of year. As our ChatBot is full of knowledge, “he” can handle many simple inquiries instead of tying up an agents time, leaving the agent to handle more complicated interactions. In addition, we like to close early a couple days during the holidays (as well as close completely some days) to allow our agents time off with their families, and our ChatBot can take over for the agents so they can go home. Our LiveChat subscription allows us to schedule the times our ChatBot turns on and off, so it is a seamless automated transition from agent to bot, with no downtime in service for our visitors.

Wow, it’s good to know that our ChatBot contributes to your team’s family life! :christmas_tree:
Is there a specific time in a year in which you encounter increased traffic? If yes, how do you manage it?

December is our slower time of year… snow and driver training, especially motorcycle, don’t really mix! Our busier time is typically the spring as motorcycle season is gearing up and with Spring Break for students coming, many are thinking about starting to learn to drive. Leading into the busy times, we usually plan to hire more support ninjas the month prior and get them ready and knowledgable for the busy season. We also take care to ensure enough agents are scheduled during the peak chat times and using the “staffing prediction” in the LiveChat reports can help determine how many agents are needed. Looking back on the history over the same time last year in the reports is helpful too as you can notice trends of busier or slower chat times and schedule accordingly.

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