Learn how to chat proactively for free with BespokeChat Academy!

Hello! It is Pawel from .BespokeChat. We are chat contact center offering outsourcing of LiveChat agents for different companies in polish and english.

We strongly believe that companies do not use the full sales :moneybag: potential of tools like LiveChat in their everyday business. This is why we have created Proactive LiveChat Manifesto and FREE :tada: online course that contains topic:

  • How to offer proactive support?
  • When to be available for your customers via chat?
  • How to sell using livechat?
  • how to maintain high quality of chat support over the time?
  • and much more!

Academy: https://www.bespokechatacademy.com

We openly share our knowledge and standards so you can also increase sales using LiveChat tool and become PRO LiveChat agent :trophy:

If you have any comments regarding the course I will be more than happy to listen! Enjoy!

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