Shopify Customer Service – Best Practices to Implement in Your Business

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Aug 14, 2018
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Shopify Customer Service

Building your customer service, it’s good to start with the company’s values. After all, delivering the best possible customer experience comes from creating a customer-centric organization. You simply need to be ready to go an extra mile to make the interaction with your brand memorable.

When setting up or redesigning your customer service it’s also worth to learn from the best-in-class. That being said, it’s sometimes worth to sneak at the best practices of big brands and implement them within your organization.

So to make your life easier and following up on our previous series about customer support of Apple, Netflix, and Uber, we’ve looked into customer service of Shopify to learn how their team handles customer queries.

Let’s look into how Shopify handles customer service.

Which channel to use in your customer communication - the Shopify case

Before you know what you’d like to tell to your customers, it’s worth to know how you want to communicate with them. Nowadays, there are numerous channels you could use in your communication. They can be:

Now, let’s look into how Shopify uses different channels to provide support to its +600,000 merchants, worldwide:

Shopify Help Center

Shopify help center

Shopify provides a huge and easily searchable knowledge base, offering help documents related to topics from a variety of areas, including the orders, products, deliveries or migrating an already created store to Shopify. At Shopify, you will also find valuable materials related to growing an e-commerce business and additional apps you could use to grow sales of your store.

Shopify live chat support

Shopify live chat support

Shopify offers its customers an option to contact the support team instantly using a live chat service. This makes customer’s life a lot easier as long as support is provided instantly. After all, what’s the benefit of having a live chat software on your website if visitors need to wait for a response via email? That’s exactly what Shopify does, providing instant customer service, without the need to wait for a response via email.

What’s interesting about Shopify’s live chat is that it provides a 24/7 live chat support both for customers as well as for its Shopify partners (with LiveChat as one of the partners with its software designed for Shopify users).

Call support

Shopify call support

Shopify provides a direct phone line for its major markets which are North America, UK, Australia or New Zealand. This, however, does not mean you will not receive proper support if you have the store set-up in any other country. No matter which country you call and what’s the location of your store, you will still be provided with a full-fledged assistance for your store.


Shopify email support

Shopify still offers a standard email support as a traditional channel for serving customer questions. This is likely not the most preferred channel by Shopify’s customers but still, leaving an email might be more effective if you don’t have time for instant communication.

Twitter support

Shopify twitter support

The last way to reach out to Shopify Customer Service is a direct contact via Twitter. You will likely not find a direct Twitter message channel among other big brands which makes Shopify especially unique. After starting a Twitter support session, you’re simply redirected to a direct message at Shopify’s Twitter, which turns out to be quite similar to the live chat conversation.

Now that we’ve learned the ways Shopify provides customer service, let’s look into the way Shopify provides support via live chat.

Delivering the best possible live chat experience

We’ve heard a lot of good words about Shopify’s live chat service and we’ve been a user as a partner ourselves, so we’ve decided to give it a try as a customer as well.

My favourite experience was helping a merchant through the entire process of setting up his new store. He was totally new to everything ecommerce but he gave us a shot. I had the pleasure of answering his first email and partnering with him through the process.” Christina, Shopify Support Guru, Moncton, Canada

So, we decided to contact Shopify support with the potential issue related to our store. After clicking the “Contact” tab, located in the bottom right corner of the website, we landed on a well-crafted landing page, letting you easily start a conversation with support.

Shopify Customer Service landing page

The first step after entering the support section is defining your problem. In our case, we wanted to check how support is going to provide help in case of issue with installing an additional app at our Shopify store.

Shopify help form

Based on the problem, you get a special recommendation from the Shopify’s knowledge base, with the best possible material to solve your issue. Still, however, the major CTA as the next step is getting help from the Shopify team. Sometimes, the brands try to hide the possibility of reaching the support team, so it seems like a really customer-proactive step from the Shopify side.

Shopify Customer suggestions form

After you choose to contact the Support team, you’re presented with a few possible options to reach out, including chat, call, email or Twitter. The main one is a live chat service which shows that it’s preferable way of providing support by Shopify.

Shopify reach out possibilities

So, let’s look into how Shopify provides customer support via live chat.

We’ve started a random chat with a customer service representative to check if he’d be able to help us in case of an issue with installing an app from a Shopify App Store which doesn’t seem to be a standard issue (most often, the apps are added seamlessly, so we thought of it as an additional challenge for a support team).

After stating a chat, we’ve instantly been greeted by Ardo, a “Shopify Guru”, a Shopify’s name for a Shopify Support team member (we still prefer our LiveChat Support Heroes 😉) in the fullscreen live chat window.

Shopify live chat start

After explaining the issue about installing the app, we’ve instantly been guided by a Shopify Guru to provide a store’s name which enabled him to view the details of our store. Ardo confirmed the application we wanted to install in our store and proceeded with the remote installation of the chosen app. The app is now magically installed at our store.

Shopify live chat conversation

Kudos Shopify Support Team! Going an extra mile is the type of service we aim to deliver over here at LiveChat as well!

Immediately after the conversation, we’ve been provided with an email from the Support Guru with a chat transcript, which comes in handy if you unexpectedly disconnect or leave a chat window by mistake. You can still continue the conversation via email after ending the chat.

Do you also want to leverage the LiveChat benefits? Start our 30-day trial and learn best practices from Shopify!

Shopify customer service in numbers

During our test, we’ve also taken a look at the numbers related to response times from each communication channel. Let’s look at the time it took us to reach a customer service representative for each of the Shopify support channels:

ChannelResponse time
Email10 hours
Twitter7 minutes
Phone call2 minutes
Live Chat30 seconds

According to the most recent data from 2015, Shopify handles over 1 million customer interactions every year. Partially, thanks to the effective implementation of live chat, the company has managed to achieve a 90% satisfaction rate among its customers who contact their support team.

And even though the Shopify team consists of hundreds Customer Support Gurus around the world, it’s still possible to implement effective and high-quality customer service in your business on a much lower scale.

With a product like LiveChat, you’d be able to start communicating with your customers instantly for a fraction of the enterprise-grade software price.

Implement live chat in your organization, start chatting with your customers and watch your sales growing thanks to your outstanding customer support.

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