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DIY Sourdough Device Is Also a Brilliant Marketing Campaign

2 min read
Apr 20, 2020

Baking bread at home is trending. Even those who fail at it are throwing their bread fail pictures on social media for the world to see. The commentaries have a pinch of preparing for an apocalypse with a handful of “I’m bored at home.” A new DIY project won’t change the trend, but it aims to make the bread taste better. It’s also a delicious piece of marketing.

Twilio, a business communication software developer, recently posted a DIY guide to making an “internet-connected sourdough fitness tracker.” They even made a fake startup website for it. But the project is real. 

Source: Twilio

Sourdough bread is notorious for being more complicated to make than your average bread. Some of the added difficulty comes from caring for the sourdough starter – a mixture of flour, water, bacteria, and yeast that helps it rise and makes it different than other breads. That’s where the DIY sourdough tracker comes in. It helps keep your sourdough starter healthy using a connected device and special monitoring algorithms. 

Even better for Twilio, the device uses a Twilio IoT Developer Kit. So not only is it useful for bread bakers and DIYers, it’s also an effective marketing and sales tool. As many companies struggle to find a way to stay on customers’ minds, this is a big win for Twilio and for creative approaches to marketing. Bon appétit!