Customers Don’t Have To Choose Between Chat and Phone Anymore

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Feb 1, 2021
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  • You can now start voice calls with customers right in the chat thanks to the LiveChat and SnapCall integration.
  • During the live webinar on Feb. 2, Marcos, from LiveChat, will be talking with SnapCall’s CEO about combining chat and phone customer service and how to increase revenue in 2021, despite the pandemic.
  • You can join the discussion and ask questions before and during the webinar.
  • Updated on Feb. 16, 2021.

    Like iPhone vs. Android, chat vs. phone support was always a thing. Which one is better and more efficient, which one are people more willing to use, and which provides a better experience? Everyone used phones before live chat came into being, so for a long time, live chat solutions were on a mission to show their value. That’s not the case anymore.

    The truth is, both voice and written communication have their own solid fan bases. The good news is, customers don’t need to choose between those two anymore. 

    Call customers straight from the chat 

    You can combine the best of the two communication worlds now. How? By starting voice calls with customers right in the chat. Add SnapCall to your LiveChat, and with just one click, you and your customers can enjoy a smooth switch between chat and voice. If only switching from iOS to Android was that easy, right? 

    This solution is especially beneficial for businesses whose customers are used to handling customer service cases by phone. They often hesitate to do so with chat. Also, it helps companies that only recently started operating online due to the pandemic and are facing many more inquiries to provide smoother service. You don’t need a phone number or any additional equipment, and calls are free worldwide.

    Join the Live Webinar: Using LiveChat and SnapCall to make the most of customer support 

    We’ll be talking more about combining chat and phone customer service in our upcoming webinar. Marcos, from LiveChat, and SnapCall’s Arnaud will be discussing how to make the most of customer support and increase revenue in 2021.

    SnapCall LiveChat webinar

    Here are the main points they’ll discuss during the webinar: 

    We’ll be waiting for your questions during the live webinar. You can also submit questions beforehand. Just reach out to Marcos, and he’ll make sure that your issue gets addressed during the event. 

    Don’t want to miss out? Set a reminder for our live webinar!

    Go to this YouTube video, and click on “Set a reminder”

    Join an event on Facebook 

    We’ll see you there! In the meantime, find out more about the SnapCall and LiveChat integration!