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6 Tips to Optimize Your Small Business’s Communication During the COVID-19 Outbreak |Using ChatBot

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Apr 14, 2020
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The outbreak of COVID-19 has put plenty of businesses in a tight spot. No matter the size and industry, firms need to adjust their strategies to the changing market situation and government restrictions. Keeping existing workflows might be impossible, or at least very difficult. However, as a business owner, you can still take measures to facilitate the work of your team, improve online customer communication, and save your business. Chatbots can help you with that. 

Encourage customers to rebook their stays and appointments

LiveChat data shows that there has been an increase in support chats since the beginning of 2020, especially in the travel industry. This growth is more than likely caused by the growing number of cancellations or insurance inquiries (2020 Customer Service Report). 

If you are getting a lot of calls, chats, or emails with requests to cancel appointments or hotel stays, you can use a chatbot to automate customer communication. Also, your chatbot can encourage customers to rebook their stays, not to cancel them. It can offer promo coupons for customers who would like to postpone their reservations. By doing this, you might be able to convince at least a portion of your customers to not ask for a refund, which could help you keep your cash flowing in a more positive direction. 

You should also do your best to maintain already established relationships you have with your customers. If they decide to cancel their vacations and trips, just let them do it. If they manage to do it without any problems now, they’ll be more likely to return as a customer in the future. 

Automate ordering takeout

The fact that you have closed your restaurant to inside dining doesn’t mean you have to close your kitchen. Plenty of customers are still eager to order takeout and support local restaurants during the pandemic. Chatbots can help your restaurant automate placing orders so that you can easily reorganize how your restaurant operates.

A delivery chatbot

A restaurant chatbot can show customers your current menu and collect their food orders smoothly. It will provide them with answers to questions regarding the delivery, wait time, or any other important issues. What makes it easy is the fact that you can easily update what questions your chatbot can answer and how it answers them according to the situation. When necessary, your chatbot can also inform your customer what the fastest way to contact you is and provide the telephone number or the email address. 

Learn more about the ChatBot Restaurant Template.

Improve the purchasing experience

Many people may have stopped visiting your store. However, they still need to purchase food and other consumables. If you sell both in-store and online, take a closer look at your website. Make sure your site provides a fluid shopping experience. You can improve it with a ChatBot Sales template. A sales chatbot helps shoppers look for products and presents them using colorful cards and carousels. It collects and processes orders and educates customers about your refund policy. 

Plus, after a customer purchases from you, the chatbot enables them to track their orders right in the chat window. This way, customers can check on the location of their package anytime they wish and they won’t get stressed out wondering where their order is. 

Go to ChatBot Templates

Promote discounts and offer promo coupons

With a decrease in sales, you could find yourself in a situation where you have a lot of products with a short shelf life or merchandise that might be difficult to sell next season. If this happens, you can launch a chatbot on your website and social media pages, and inform customers about discounts using chat greetings, cards, and product carousels. Additionally, by using the ChatBot Discount template, you can offer promo codes for customers who sign up for your newsletter. Support your sales and build a subscribers list. 

Learn more about the Package Tracking Template.

Automate answering of FAQs on social media

Facebook fan pages are often the first place customers go to when they want to obtain current information about a business. 

Launching a chatbot on your social media pages is a great way to easily inform them about all the updates and changes to your business without them having to go to your website. Also, your customers won’t have to scroll through your Facebook fan page to read all the posts and comments to find the answers they need. 

Your chatbot can answer common questions instantly, inform customers about your working hours, and tell them if your services have changed. It could educate them about your refund policy, instruct them on how to use their gift certificates, renew customer cards, or reset passwords. If you don’t want to build a FAQ chatbot on your own, you can make use of the ChatBot Customer Service template and customize it to suit your needs. 

 Learn more about the Customer Service Template.

Track customers’ packages

Customers want their orders to arrive quickly. However, as online shopping has taken the lead, delivery companies have their hands full. Even if they try their best, many external factors might stop them from delivering packages on time. As a business owner, you can’t always control that. Nevertheless, you can make sure customers are informed about the location of their order. 

The ChatBot Package Tracking template lets customers track their deliveries in the chat window whenever they want. By using it, you can improve the customer experience and prevent customers from worrying about their packages getting lost. 

Always look on the bright side

The global pandemic came out of left field and put thousands of businesses at risk. You might struggle to make ends meet as well, but don’t give up. You can reorganize how your business operates by using ChatBot, LiveChat, and many other great tools. Plenty of companies have decided to offer their software for free to support businesses and organizations around the globe

The current situation is a good way to test new business practices. If you’ve never sold online, now is a good time to try. If you have never delivered your food before, now you can add delivery or send ingredients to let customers cook your restaurant’s specialties at home. This new reality allows you to learn how to deal with a crisis, and work out strategies that will help you handle problems in the future. 

It’s a difficult time right now, but it will end. Focus on new opportunities while still being aware of existing possibilities. 

Good luck!

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