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14 min read | Oct 15 |

Business Mistakes: 12 Stories from Entrepreneurs that Will Help You Grow

What should an entrepreneur assume when starting a new business? That they’ll make a lot of mistakes. Making countless decisions every day and taking risks means that... read more


6 min read | Oct 13 |

How To Handle Increased Customer Service Demand In Your Ecommerce Store This Holiday Season

You’re an ecommerce store owner waking up on the morning of Black Friday. You’ve been preparing your promotional campaign for a few weeks or even months ahead of time.... read more


27 min read | Oct 08 |

How to Always be Ready for the Seasonal Ecommerce Rush

This holiday season, provide an exquisite experience that every customer dreams about. Fun fact: 41% of surveyed consumers said three or fewer brands provide a high level... read more


11 min read | Sep 25 |

Top 23 Trending HR Benefits and Perks Your Business Needs to Implement for Remote Work to Succeed

It seems like just months ago we were wondering if remote work was here to stay. Things have changed. Now, companies are ending leases and consolidating offices. They’re... read more


8 min read | Sep 22 |

How to Say No to Feature Requests

Imagine you’re running an Italian restaurant. You’re serving only a few refined dishes based on recipes that were in your family for ages. People are frequently coming to... read more

Inside LiveChat

Inside LiveChat

5 min read | 16 Sep | Malgorzata Sikora

SaaS and Legal: What Documents You Do, and Don’t, Need

At LiveChat, we work with customers and legal documents on a daily basis. One of the most important lessons we’ve learned is that it’s easy to get lost with all of these... read more

Inside LiveChat

4 min read | 25 Aug | Malgorzata Sikora

How to Manage Negotiating Agreements

As a customer-centric company, at LiveChat we spent a lot of time digging into how to prepare a good and efficient agreement between us and our customers. It took a lot... read more

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