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9:00am PDT on Thursday, 12th September 2013

Progressing with LiveChat: Founding your growth

with Blazej Szperlinski

Information about optimizing your LiveChat to make it even better at growing measurable success with your website’s visitors.

This webinar, part 1 of our Progressing with LiveChat series, shows how to use out of the box functionality to its full potential. The following topics were discussed during the webinar:
  1. Installation principles
  2. What visitors and agents get
  3. Description of available features
You can check out the Slideshare presentation:

Video from webinar

Questions asked during the webinar

Is there a way to pull up previous chats from a returning visitor within the current chat session?
Yes there is. All you need to do is scroll up in the chat window. Previous chats will immediately appear.
If a visitor logs to chat via email, can we automatically search that email on Facebook to see his profile?
It’s not possible, but you can always copy the e-mail and search it on FB.
Can we have users log in using Facebook connect only?
It’s not possible. Pre-Chat surveys and Facebook connect may only be used together.
Could we get the client to enter his or her name and email through an automatic greeting?
Sorry, but this isn’t possible currently.
I wish there was a way that when we send a personal invite, it didn’t classify as a chat. It often comes back blank (customer didn’t respond), so not really a chat. Any idea on if a change is coming to filter these?
Sadly we don’t have that option currently.
If we purchase a one agent seat, can we log in additionally as an admin?
Each admin is also counted as an agent so you need an additional spot for him or her.
Is there global admin access,where you can see who is online?
When an admin logs in, he will see all the visitors who are presently on site and all chats, just as a normal agent.
How often do you guys do “updates/improvements” to the application? I keep a running “wish list” so just curious how often your team does upgrades to the system : )
We are working on our apps constantly, to make them work better for everyone.
How can we compare a visitor’s email we got through LiveChat with another person’s email. I am asking about fraud emails, or someone who is trying to send us an email using his another email.
Using webhooks tied to your existing database you could easily connect pre-logged in people with their e-mails, with your chat agents. This wouldn’t work if someone actually acquired access to an e-mail belonging to someone else.
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Blazej Szperlinski
Blazej worked in support at LiveChat. In his posts, he shared knowledge about how to implement LiveChat and using its basic functionalities.
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