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8:00am PDT on Thursday, 14th May 2015

Choose the right plan for you

with Daniel Zielinski

Pick the right LiveChat plan. See the difference between features, implementations and compare them with our benchmark. After watching this webinar, you will know which plan to choose to meet your needs.

The webinar covers following topics:
  1. Setting up the right plan,
  2. Modifying your subscription,
  3. List of additional features that come with higher plans.

Video from webinar

Questions asked during the webinar

Are we able to pay via Paypal?
Unfortunately no. We support card payments only, you can use debit or credit card for the payment.
Can I upgrade/downgrade anytime I want?
Sure, it can be done at anytime. Correct amount will be taken from your account with upgrades or added as credit with the downgrades. Such credit will be used within the next payment.
Who can change the plan through the subscription section?
Only the license owner can do that.
Am I charged during the trial or after it?
The charge happens right after the trial. Of course there are no stops on your license – it works constantly.
Can I pass the ownership to someone?
Ownership can be passed through the subscription section. You can find a tutorial how to pass it here.
Is there any scaled discount where you pay less per seat if you buy more seats?
There’s only one discount: when you sign up for an annual subscription you get 15% off your order.
If I just log into the admin panel, does that count as a seat?
Each logged in user takes up a seat. It doesn’t matter if you are working on administrative stuff or not.
Can I put my license on hold and resume whenever I want?
Yes, you can. On top of that, you keep all you chats, statistics and settings.
Is the work scheduler available with the Team package?
The Work scheduler is available only for the Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plan users.
How long does it take to change the number of seats?
The change is immediate. A new invoice is also created immediately when you change the number of seats.
Do you limit the number of seats during the trial period?
During the trial, you can use 100 seats. If you need more, simply let us know!
Can agents use different names, photos, job titles and so on?
Yes, they can. Each account can be personalized in the Agents section.
What happens to my trial account after 14 days?
If you don’t set up a subscription, the trial ends and LiveChat is removed from your site.
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hosted by
Daniel Zielinski
Marketing specialist
Customer-focused guy. Daniel is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. A rebel to the status quo. He loves a challenge. Known to be a book freak and avid long distance runner.
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