SMS Communication in Customer Service

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Jul 4, 2022
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SMS (Short Messaging Service) is the most frequently used messaging system in America. According to a study by Simple Texting, nearly 26 billion SMS messages are sent every day in the USA. It’s a testament to their convenience since nearly everyone uses SMS at some point during the day. With an open rate of 98%, it's the channel you can't miss in your customer service strategy.

Customer service

SMS customer support is any support that a company provides to its customers via text messaging. It’s all virtual, no face-to-face, and nonverbal communication. SMS keeps it sweet, simple, and to the point

The same rules apply to texting in customer service. Writing an email takes a few minutes. And calling even longer, especially if you’re placed on hold. Text messaging offers immediate answers, and as a part of everyday life, makes it much less invasive, whilst also making it fast and fun.

Compared with other communication channels, it almost guarantees delivery. Even after the messaging apps took over the communication world, SMS still offers various benefits regardless of your location as a business. 

A few facts from GSMA Intelligence and CTIA.


Benefits of SMS Communication in Customer Service

Text messages offer a unique combination of benefits other channels find hard to replicate. No wonder they are a top pick for everyday users all around the world.

Want to go deeper into the advantageous nature of SMS? Listen to the talk hosted by industry experts!

Use cases

Use cases for SMS Communication in Customer Service

Ever wondered how you can creatively use text messages in your business? Listen to the experts talking!

LiveChat and 2way integration

LiveChat and 2Way integration is a great example of how you can run an SMS customer service. The integration runs natively in LiveChat to make it as intuitive as possible. 

What are the key features of integrating LiveChat with 2way?

Find out how to install and use the integration to its fullest potential on LiveChat Marketplace.