6 Signs That Show Your Customers Are Happy with Your Service

Angela White
6 min read
Oct 16, 2018
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Happy customers signs

In the competitive markets these days, if there is anything that determines your organization’s success or failure, then it is your customer service. The importance of customer satisfaction has increased enormously so much so that by the year 2020, it is expected to become the critical brand differentiator overtaking price and product. Though price and product have their significance, what excellent customer support can do to your business is irreplaceable.

Several companies are recognizing this crucial fact, and as per a recent study, by 2018 about 50% of organizations will make necessary changes in their business models to become customer-focused. For instance, Shopify, one of the leading e-commerce platforms, took to implementing live chat feature, and as a consequence of this effort, they experienced a 90% increase in customer satisfaction rates.

However, on the flipside, poor service can be detrimental to your business. Studies reveal that 91% of customers don’t return to a company after having a bad experience with it. So once they slip through the cracks, it becomes quite difficult to earn them back.

Therefore, it is wise on your part, to keep yourself updated on what your customers feel about your services. But how do you figure this out? Well, the rest of the post will highlight six big signs that can help in identifying their satisfaction levels and conclude with a list of essential components for building a successful customer support system.

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How to know if customers are satisfied with your service?

You may believe that you deliver ‘superior’ customer service and that is what 80% of companies think. But reports reveal that only 8% of customers agree to what this 80% of companies claim. So, this makes it crystal clear that what you perceive about your service matters nothing. It’s your customers’ opinions that make a difference.  Hence, evaluating their experiences and tracking their reviews is of prime importance.

The internet is filled with quizzes and questionnaires you can use to assess your customers' happiness with your service. You may even use the free online quiz software available in plenty across the web, and learn how to make your own quiz to assess their opinions.

Apart from these quizzes, here are the apparent signs that you may notice to understand if your customer service strategies are working or not.

1. They keep coming to you for more

When customers build a trustworthy relationship with your business, they are inclined to return to you for more. They trust the quality of your products, your staff members, and know that your service will not disappoint them. Therefore, seeing your old customers more often at your store implies that you are doing pretty good to ensure customer satisfaction.

2. They turn out to be your referrals

One of the signs of happy customers is that they refer your store to others. They bring their relatives, friends or colleagues and turn into your referrals. The more your customers are content with your service; the more likely they are to spread the word.

3. They ask your social media handles or other ways to connect

If you have customers who ask for your social media handles, website or a business card; this signifies that your customer satisfaction strategies are a success and people want to stay connected to your brand.

4. They frequently leave positive feedbacks

Receiving positive feedback is a great sign of satisfied customers. When your customers are happy, they do not hesitate to post reviews of their pleasant experiences on their social media handles and at other places across the web. So if positive reviews and appraisals fill your feed, then it’s a win!

5. They complaint less

Another quick giveaway of a happy customer base is that you either receive few or almost no complaints. Moreover, if at all any issues spur up, they express it to your customer service department in a decent manner.

6. They appreciate your service verbally

When customers experience exemplary service, they do not keep away from saying their heart out. They are diligent in praising your staff and facilities straight away to you or may even leave hefty tips.

But if you find none of these indications or if the surveys you conducted consist of unpleasant reviews, then it is high time that you buckle up the game and make critical changes to enhance your services.

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Elements of good customer service

Every organization differs from the other in its functionality and operations. Consequently, their idea of ‘good’ customer service will also vary. But regardless of this variation, the basic concept is pretty much the same. The following list specifies four significant elements that comprise excellent customer service in any company:

So when you succeed in fulfilling all of these requirements, your service improves to a great extent. Once this happens, here are some benefits you will experience:

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Assessing your customers’ satisfaction does pay off

Being knowledgeable about how well your customers are satisfied with your service is very crucial for your business’ success. Assessing their opinions will help you understand the loopholes, and thereby, generate appropriate strategies to make necessary improvements. Apart from checking on the signs we discussed earlier, you may even analyze your sales and net promoter score or use online tools to measure customer satisfaction.

And, once you have a happy customer base, your organization experiences certain remarkable advantages like increased revenue, better retention, and low customer churn. All in all, it is your customers who run your business. Falling short in assisting them in any way will only put your company in the loss. Therefore, it is essential that you keep testing their experience and likewise develop better techniques to keep them happy and content.

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