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Generating a Privacy Policy Explained

Malgorzata Sikora
4 min read
Oct 26, 2020
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Writing online documents is always a challenge, and we know that to be true at LiveChat. That’s why we’ve prepared a free online privacy policy generator to assist you with creating a perfectly tailored policy. In this article, you’ll find some best practices for drafting a privacy policy and how to use our tool to support your process. Let’s start!

A privacy policy is a must-have

Before you dig deeper into the topic of privacy policies, you need to be aware that having a privacy policy is a must. This is true regardless of where your company is registered or what type of product it delivers. If you’re wondering why, the answer is pretty simple. With any type of online activity, you process personal data. Most likely, you collect data from cookies, get it directly from webpage forms, or sign-ups.

One thing is for sure, having online activity with no data processing is barely possible. Once you know this, it’s obvious that you process personal information. This requires you to be transparent when it comes to processing that data. 

Privacy policy benchmarks 

It can be scary when you need to start preparing legal documents for your business. It’s always a complex process, but it’s also a process that you can repeat, search for benchmarks, and look for support from established companies. If you need inspiration on how you can draft a privacy policy, just have a look at ours.

Take a look and see how it’s constructed and what sections we included. Of course, you may need to make some adjustments or need less of the content included there. That depends on you and your business. You should include some basic information in your privacy policy like:

These items will help you to set up a minimum standard of transparency that you need to have included in your privacy policy. 

Using LiveChat’s free privacy policy generator

If you feel like drafting your privacy policy on your own is too much work, just try our generator. Interested? Let me give you some more information about what’s there. 

First, we ask you to enter your company details. This will allow us to include your exact credentials in the final document. Then, you need to answer more precise questions starting with the youngest age of your users. You’re probably wondering why we need to know this, right? Let’s keep it simple.

It’s a good practice to set up your users’ minimum age because, if you don’t have it, you may be asked to comply with laws regarding minors. Of course, in the online environment, it’s difficult to check the age of your users. However, what you can always do is to include wording in your policy that states that your product or webpage is only for users over a certain age. 

Afterward, you’ll be asked to select if you collect geolocalization data or if you use cookies/beacons. Those are the most common areas of online data collection that require special regulations, which we have prepared for you. Lastly, just let us know if you use any of our products so we can include the correct information for you there, too.

Editing the generated policy

Remember that the privacy policy generator is support for you. It should give you an idea of what is important and what should be included in your privacy policy. Feel free to edit it, adjust it, develop it more, or otherwise customize it for your needs. It’s only the beginning of your journey with privacy policies, and we’re happy to begin that process with you. 

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