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We Went the Extra Mile To Make Ecommerce Businesses Feel at Home at LiveChat

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Mar 24, 2021
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Going the extra mile for customers. A mysterious and intangible element of customer service. You’ve heard us talking about it a lot, be it our ultimate customer service guide or any article meaning to improve your customer experience. Do we follow our own advice? What does going the extra mile mean? And most importantly, how do you do it? Yes, to the first question. To cover the rest, I’ll show you behind the scenes of making our ecommerce customers happier and more successful. 

At the risk of sounding immodest, we know the ecommerce industry inside out. I mean, there’s a whole page covering LiveChat’s benefits for ecommerce businesses that follows the customer lifecycle step by step. Even so, our experience with the custom integration for ecommerce deserves an article on its own. Here it comes. 

Learn how syncing your store with LiveChat will make your life easier and both your team and customers happier. Let’s dig in!

How we came up with our custom integration for ecommerce 

TL;DR – By knowing our customers’ pain points. 

Fluent, effortless communication is crucial for any business that interacts with hundreds of customers daily.

The world of ecommerce is known for its fast-paced environment, the intensity of customer interactions, and ever-rising expectations. Add the short attention span of your web visitors and the mix you get seems pretty daunting. We knew that ecommerce businesses needed something that would make their communication with customers more efficient and more personal at the same time. 

Our mission is to help people and businesses communicate better. What’s a better way to do so than creating a tailored, fully synchronized integration for your ecommerce store? 

Customer Insight for BigCommerce and Shopify stores

No more jumping between tabs and praying for your developers to improve your tech stack’s flow. We know you’re busy. We did all the hard work for you. Welcome Customer Insight, our out-of-the-box, ready-to-run tool for Shopify and BigCommerce stores.

"Shopify has been listing LiveChat on its App Store since 2014. In 2017, we joined the Elite tier of BigCommerce’s strategic technology partners. The relationships we’ve built over the years are vital for our products’ development. Thanks to early access to our partners’ new features and projects, we’re able to keep LiveChat up to date, synced with the latest technology, and ready to cover the needs of the ever changing ecommerce industry."

Daniel Zielinski

Marketplace Specialist, LiveChat

Wait, but what’s so special about it? Well, not only did we make these native integrations super simple and easy to navigate, but we made sure the tools we offer cover the need we identified. That’s to provide more efficient, yet more personal, communication.

The LiveChat integration for ecommerce comes with all the standard features like tools dedicated to making typing answers faster, a messaging mode for asynchronous communication, a robust reporting panel, and integrated chatbots. On top of all that, we added extra touches tailored specifically for ecommerce. Your store’s most needed features are easily accessible in the LiveChat Agent app.

Your support and sales folks can access customer details, cart content, shopping history, and order management tools straight from the app while chatting. Your CRM is always at hand, and there’s no switching between tabs, allowing you to focus on serving customers the best you can.

An advanced customer info panel

Customer info panel in Customer Insight

Ecommerce customers come and go. They’ll join a chat as a guest or fill in the pre-chat form with random data and still expect personal touches and special treatment. If they’re chatting as a logged-in customer, you’ll see their details right in the Customer Insight widget. Customer profile, shopping history, cart content, it’s all there. Easy!

If they’re not, don’t worry. With the entire order history of your store at hand, you will easly find any order by its number. You can also get useful context from the pre-chat survey, browsing history, behavior on the website, and previous chats. Customer Insight makes every single chat as personal as possible. 

A peek into the customer’s cart

Customer cart in Customer Insight

Knowing what’s in the customer’s cart is extremely useful during your sales or support chats. Based on previous choices, you can cross-promote your products, answer questions more accurately, and share useful suggestions and tips to increase customer experience and further satisfaction. It’s an easy way to boost both your customer service and sales at the same time. 

Product Cards

Product Cards panel in Customer Insight

Now, when you know your customer’s likes and choices, product cards will come in handy while recommending products.

View your store’s stock right in the LiveChat app, and pick relevant items based on all that robust data you’ve got at hand. Then, share your products as beautifully presented, interactive cards right in the chat. You’ll save time browsing through your store, and your recommendations will look neat and more professional than the usual links.

You can also send the cards via personalized greetings that engage your customers based on their website behavior. Interacting with your customers was never easier. 

Order management system

Order management system in Customer Insight

When handling specific queries like returns, refunds, or changes to orders, you can easily access your admin panel via LiveChat. All the data, like a tracking number, delivery info, or notes, are available at hand. If you need to make changes, you can easily follow a direct link to a particular order.

Use data available in Customer Insight to excel in customer service 

Thanks to these powerful tweaks we made for ecommerce and all the features that come with LiveChat, you’ll quickly notice an improvement in your team’s productivity and your store’s conversion rates. Can’t take my word for it? Take a look at the approach of our customer, Sonoma Lavender Co. 

“My main goal has always been, and still remains, to stay one step ahead of what my customer may want or need in order to accommodate. Anticipating their needs always assists in keeping a customer feel taken care of and happy. 

LiveChat for Shopify has been an integral tool to let the customer know that help is just a click away in addition to allowing suggested product cards to increase the sales, and in turn, revenue!

Judy Terry

Sales Director, Sonoma Lavender Co.

All that thanks to Customer Insight and always going the extra mile for customers. Isn’t that a perfect happy ending to our own story?

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