Delivering Customer Service: Making The Waiting Experience Enjoyable

Ian Pearson
4 min read
Sep 29, 2017
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Delivering customer service

Waiting creates an unnecessary break and theft of precious time, especially on a busy day. When customers are about to wait longer than expected, they leave. The good thing is, you can prevent such things and prove to your customers that your service is worth of waiting. You can even make the waiting experience enjoyable!

Customers will be willing to wait if you provide them enough amusing distractions. It is up to you to be creative and to think of good ones, but in case you'd like to check out some tested solutions, read this post. You'll learn about delivering customer service the enjoyable way, even if your customers have to wait.

#1. Improve organization

The time spent waiting, impacts customers impression of the company, so you should reduce it. Waiting time reduction should be a consistent effort in any business. Hire enough well-trained employees and provide several operational counters that will remain efficient. Customers should always feel acknowledged, important and assured, so ensure quality communication.

The interaction between employees and customers should be warm, friendly and accurate. Keep in mind that customers prefer knowing how long they are going to wait and keep them informed.

#2. Create an optional workspace

Time spent in the waiting room is usually considered the time wasted. There are many busy customers who will spend their time in a more constructive way than watching tv.

Provide them workstations where they can place their devices and get their work done. Place a small desk and outlets for charging devices. Besides the free wi-fi, you can provide notes and pens. Make sure there is a company logo imprint on them and be ready to restock often.

#3. Free wi-fi

Time flies when we are online so most of the customers will reach for their phones to shorten the waiting time. Place a visible sign that informs them of this convenience as well on about them to use their phones in silence. Checking out social networks or reading news will make the time go faster.

You can also try to set up access to wi-fi in a way that customers leave an e-mail address. That is the best way to create a contact database, where you can send them news or offer some special discounts. Aside from hating waiting, customers like discounts and free stuff. Reward them for being patient.

#4. Touch up the interior

There are many ways to make a pleasant surrounding out of any interior. The most important part when doing so is the right choice of colors. Choose calm and welcoming colors that will lighten the room. At the same time, colors will have a positive effect on the mood of customers. Make sure there is enough natural light and place some plants around.

Take care when choosing the furniture since it needs to be stylish and comfortable. Include chairs and separate them enough to ensure customers personal space. Water dispenser and bowl of candies are necessities in the waiting room, so do not forget about those.

#5. Include fun

Some customers will come with children. Know that kids in the room with no way to occupy their attention will turn into chaos. Provide a children's corner where you can place toys, coloring books, and crayons. See into setting up a screen that can play cartoons or some other suitable program for the children.

Look up for some photo booth for hire since it can be an interesting detail for little ones as well as the adults. Such feature can bring a retro quality to the room and customers will find it quite amusing. Fish tanks are a waiting room classics that can hold the attention of customers and kids both.

#6. Involve clients in reading

Keep the stacks of company brochures in a visible place, but also display some magazines. Make sure that magazines will suit different tastes. Ensure that every customer can find something to read. Include men and women magazines that will cover sports, politics, fashion, or health.

Reading makes time pass so most of the customers will browse through magazines. Offer customers a questionnaire about service you provide. Also, remember to ask if they have any suggestions on how to improve waiting experience. This way you’ll have a straight information on the spot.

#7. Play music

The right choice of music can be a great way to entertain customers and to lift up their mood. Music in the waiting room lowers possibility of negative interaction and relieves stress. Choose soft and calming, without the lyrics, if possible.

Delivering best customer experience

Waiting experience doesn’t have to be that tedious and time-consuming. If you manage to adjust your business to clients demand, you can go a long way. In the end, clients come first so making an effort in that direction can only benefit your company.

It will take some investments, proper organizing, and few fresh ideas. Knowledge of human nature and understanding people's needs can make a business thrive.

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