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Kaia Madalinska

Kaia Madalinska

Video Storyteller, Success

About me

I directed my first video while interning at Daimler China, and it won first prize throughout the company globally. Little did I know, a few years later, I would have the pleasure of becoming a Video Storyteller at LiveChat.

Through my series #journey, you’ll get the chance to embark with me on my adventure and see my progression as a new video host and storyteller. You’ll also gain in-depth insight into what it looks like “behind the scenes” at LiveChat and Success.

Outside of work, I love to film beauty videos, vlogs, and write poetry. It seems as if I can never get enough of creating content! If you have any questions about starting off in video, you can go check out my series, #journey, or reach out to me personally!

Remember, life’s a climb, but the view is great.

Favorite saying

“The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well.” – John D. Rockefeller Jr.

Favorite food

Most definitely pizza.

My videos

Tech Tips With Our Pro Video Editor [Video]

Join Ari and me on a tech journey; where, for the first time, we are sharing all the gear we use in our studio. We also share our opinions on several types of editing software; and the reasons we fell head over heels for our favorite. watch now

9 min watch
Video #Journey

Remote Work 2020- HQ Can Be Anywhere [Video]

Remote work gives you the possibility to work from home, but also from anywhere in the world. Embark on this journey with me to find out the answer to this question “Can you work from Bali?” watch now

4 min watch
Video #Journey

Welcome to #Journey [Video]

Hey everyone! Welcome to my new series on Success By LiveChat called #journey. I’ll be taking all of you on this journey with me at LiveChat 🙂 watch now

6 min watch
Video #Journey

Don’t be afraid of… [Video]

This #RAW is about: 1. Not being afraid of asking for advice 2. Not being afraid of bad feedback 3. Learning from your mistakes watch now

5 min watch
Video RAW

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