The Chat Shop
The Chat Shop
Helping LiveChat customers deliver successful conversations
Based in United Kingdom, speaks in English

At The Chat Shop we're on a mission.

To take conversation up a level.

And help businesses use those precious moments of online interaction to make bigger, better, more memorable human connections.

We're mixing innovations in AI with years of experience delivering over 2 million chats and new levels of conversational insight.

As LiveChat's #1 rated expert partner, we help businesses raise the bar in how they develop relationships with customers by increasing the impact and effectiveness of every single chat.

So you can build your business on engagement and satisfaction, once customer at a time.

How can we help you?

Live Chat Solutions

We offer a diverse range of live chat options tailored to suit the size, needs and goals of any business.

  • 24/7 managed Live Chat coverage - our native English agents are available around the clock so your business is there when customers need you
  • Chatbots and integrated bot/human services
  • Multi-channel messaging - join customers on Facebook, WhatsApp and the other channels they're already on
  • Integration with your existing tools such as CRMs, booking systems and e-commerce platforms
  • Personalised reporting and analytics so you have full insight into your LiveChat success

Consulting and Training

If you’re already running your own chat service - or looking to launch one - you can take advantage of our consulting packages, including:

  • Live Chat 101 - the basics of getting yourself up and running
  • Optimisation and expertise - packages aimed at fine-tuning your chat service to ensure you're maximising it's full potential
  • Technical development and add-ons
  • Personalising your conversation flows & QA processes to maximise chat quality and deliver great conversations


Reach out to The Chat Shop! We've got all you need to grow your business - knowledge and resources. Contact us to know more.

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David Leighton (over 6 years ago)
Fantastic level of customer support. We have used LiveChat on our website now for 2 years with great success. The amount of positive customer feedback we get is fantastic. 24 hour customer service cannot be beaten. Plus it generates significant leads to our customers every day. Great work !
Alexandra Fox (over 6 years ago)
The Chat Shop provide us with excellent customer service. They’ve taken the time to fully understand our brand values and their technical knowledge of our product is invaluable. An all round good experience.
Laura Yates (over 6 years ago)
I can't speak highly enough of the LiveChat support and our customers regularly leave them fantastic reviews. Every team member is thorough, great to work with and always keen to offer the best service possible. Keep up the great work guys!
Simon Russell (over 6 years ago)
What an amazing bunch - they took the time to get to know our product, they genuinely care. Since using the service, we've seen a rise in direct bookings. The chat agents have integrated so well that we consider them part of the team.
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