22 seconds 1st time response rate & 5-star customer service. High quality customer care and effective sales solutions via chat for your website. Ask for verified details.
Based in Poland, speaks in
Our LiveChat sales team delivers highest possible customer care services and effective sales solutions for your website.

- 24/7 support - evenings, nights & weekends - we're available always when your Customer needs help
- full service provided - no need to involve your employees in the chat process
- cost optimization - don't need to worry about vacancies and employment costs anymore - it's all on us, included in low, fixed price
- full transparency - you can view & comment each chat conversation carried out by our team in our Client Panel
- results oriented - our team is fully results oriented for KPIs you indicate
- and much more...

Let us know if you are considering chat for your website (or want to improve its results) - we'll be happy to explain everything and present you our way of work :-)

Reach out to .BespokeChat! We've got all you need to grow your business - knowledge and resources. Contact us to know more.

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Andrzej Swoboda (CTE Investments) (about 3 years ago)

Challenge that every real estate is facing is to present the offer in an attractive and transparent form. Team .BespokeChat helps our prospects in reviewing our offer and at the same time, they initiate the first contact. Since the beginning of our cooperation, we have noticed around 40% increase in direct and valuable contacts per month than before implementing the chat service on our websites.

Hanna Hylińska (PCG.pl) (about 3 years ago)

Thanks to .BespokeChat daily availability, our potential customers get their chance to ask a question at almost any time of the day, 7 days a week. We value reliability, flexibility and efficient communication and in our partnership with .BespokeChat we get mutual understanding of our needs and expectations. We can recommend partnership with .BespokeChat to anyone who values optimization in customer relationship management.

Magdalena Wojtaszek (Auto-Wimar.pl) (about 3 years ago)

Implementation of chat support service with .BespokeChat has been a very simple process. Handing over the chat service to them allowed us to focus on our work while maintaining high quality communication with potential customers. All thanks to qualified team of consultants. From the beginning, the main benefit of this cooperation was delivering the possibility of customer service also outside standard business hours. This results into higher quantity of leads received and that results in sales rise.

Bartłomiej Postek (Lerni / Funmedia) (about 3 years ago)

Thanks to .BespokeChat team and their agents/consultants servicing our website, we noticed 50% growth (!) in conversion rate from potential customer to paying customer for our language courses on Lerni.us

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