What's the worst online customer service you've encountered?

Hello LiveChat Community! :wave:

Everyone is a customer, even those who have customers.
Speaking from your experience as a customer, what’s the worst online customer experience that you’ve encountered?

Share with us! You don’t have to tell us where it was – the purpose of this topic is to learn from other’s mistakes :point_up:
In order to do so, along with the description of the situation, tell us – what could be done better then?

I once had a company that made me feel very very rushed via their online chat. While they were reasonably quick at responding, they didn’t give me, the customer, time to respond. At times I barely could type my inquiry before they were asking if I was “still there?”.

Even before I felt like I had everything I needed and all my questions answered, they closed the chat on me. I had to restart another chat to finish my inquiry and the next agent didn’t take the time to familiarize themselves with my file. I got the feeling the agents were being judged on response times and/or how many chats they were able to complete in a shift, but it really left me as the customer feeling pressured and as though the staff did not have time for me.

I took that experience and used it as one of my best practices in our business. As a result, I ensure my agents let the client close the chat, or let it naturally archive.