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Customer service

6 Signs That Show Your Customers Are Happy with Your Service

In the competitive markets these days, if there is anything that determines your organization’s success or failure, then it is your customer service. The importance of customer satisfaction has increased enormously so much so that by the year 2020, it is expected to become the... read more

Angela White
6 minutes
Oct 16, 2018

How to Improve the Workflow of your Customer Service Department

Your business depends a lot on how you manage issues that your customers face on a daily basis. When you are maintaining a website, you are going to get a variety of queries and requests from your customers. There should be a systematic approach to handle the issues based on... read more

Sujith Reghu
6 minutes
Aug 7, 2018

How to Give Your Live Chat Support a Personal Touch

The Internet is full of advice on how to improve your live chat support by making it more personal. And while it all may be valid, there is one very important question you should ask yourself in the first place: why should you add a personal touch to your live chat experience? Is... read more

Matylda Chmielewska
5 minutes
Mar 2, 2018

5 Common Customer Service Problems and How to Resolve Them

Working in customer service is like solving jigsaw puzzles. Every case has a different shape, color, and there’s always one perfect place where you can put it. In the morning, you deal with a lady who has received her new phone, but it’s not working. After a lunch break, you try... read more

11 minutes
Feb 2, 2018

4 New Years Resolutions All Customer Service Agents Should Make

Although the New Year has already started, many of us have already broken our resolutions. How many of you have promised themselves to quit smoking, live healthier or lower your weight? And then, you woke up in the New Year’s morning, starving. Pizza and beer turned out to be the... read more

5 minutes
Jan 3, 2018

Business 101: The Benefits of Customer Centricity

Many business owners like to stress how important their customers are. They talk a lot about customer happiness and claim that their mission is to make people’s lives better. Having that in mind, let’s recall all the times we, customers, have spent in queues. How many times we... read more

5 minutes
Nov 24, 2017

Improving Customer Service Standards Online

Customer service is the key factor in customer satisfaction. Over the years, businesses have migrated to the digital world. It has become important for all organizations to maintain a strong online presence. The instantaneous ‘click & buy’ has been instilled into our online... read more

Sajay Singh
8 minutes
Nov 14, 2017

Customer Service Problem-Solving Techniques: Critical Thinking

Professional problem-solving is the beating heart of amazing customer service. It’s because none of the customers are contacting you to have a nice chat. They are contacting you because they have a problem. They might be disappointed with the product they have purchased. Maybe... read more

8 minutes
Sep 8, 2017

How to Use Deep Listening in Customer Service

Have you ever called customer service and tried to explain what your problem is, but you had the impression that they are not interested in solving it? Maybe you came across a customer service rep who didn’t let you finish and kept interrupting? Or maybe you’ve contacted customer... read more

6 minutes
Aug 11, 2017

Growth Strategy: What It Takes to Understand Your Customers Today

The biggest competitive advantage that I can offer you is to meet your consumers’ needs better than your competitors, and to know what kind of research tools are available for this mission. Meeting your consumers’ needs isn’t quite simple and you may feel like they want... read more

Sharon Halbani
8 minutes
Jul 11, 2017

How to Balance Personalized Customer Service and Automation

The word automation has soaked up a soiled reputation lately. While it brings the promise of efficiency and time-savings, there are deeper fears associated with the word that we can’t seem to shake. Anxiety builds around the idea that robots will take over our jobs and there’s a... read more

Elle Morgan
6 minutes
May 16, 2017