7 Steps To Optimize Your Social Media Branded Content

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Mar 4, 2021
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Social media is one of the best ways of promoting your brand, and it’s also the most unique one. By using it effectively, you can share content with your audience and also personally engage with them. 

You can also advertise through social media and promote your content to a wider audience. When it comes to the potential reach that you can have, social media gives you access to nearly 4 billion people. So, without a doubt, you must make your presence felt on social media. 

How can you do this? By posting high-quality, insightful content that your audience will find helpful. But posting content isn’t enough. You also need to optimize the content for maximum impact. 

How can you achieve that? Let’s find out. 

7 steps to optimize branded social media content

Incorporate videos

All major social media platforms are promoting videos by launching relevant features. Instagram has launched Reels, IGTV, and Stories. Similarly, Facebook has come out with Facebook Watch. 

All of this is for good reason. Users want to watch videos.

About 86% of people in a survey said that they want to see more branded videos. Even businesses are experiencing the benefits of having videos. Nearly 85% of businesses use them as a marketing tool now.

So, make sure that you give enough importance to videos in your content marketing strategy to optimize your branded content.

Leverage shoppable posts

Shoppable posts present a great way for ecommerce businesses to promote themselves online and generate sales as well. However, it’s possible to leverage this feature only on Instagram.

So, how are shoppable posts different from regular ones? Shoppable posts look just like regular posts. However, unlike regular posts, it’s possible to tag your products or services in them. When you add the tags, your audience can click on the post and click on the tag to purchase the product from within Instagram. 

It’s also possible to promote your products by partnering with influencers. They, too, can create shoppable posts and help you increase your sales and revenue.

Shop WeWoreWhat, for example, featured the influencer, Danielle Bernstein, in their shoppable post.

Instagram branded content

Use new post formats

As mentioned above, videos have become extremely popular on social media platforms. As a result, they’ve launched new post formats such as Reels to encourage users and brands to create video content. 

So, it’s essential to take advantage of this push delivered by the platforms to optimize your social media content. Why? Because you’re likely to get more engagement through them. 

Right now, Reels are getting greater engagement than in-feed videos. The average engagement rate of Reels is 2.7% while that of in-feed videos is only 2.2%. You can even get better reach through Reels as their play rate is about 40.1%. 

So, going into 2021, make sure that you keep up with the latest post formats and incorporate them into your social strategy.

Use hashtags well

Hashtags play a central role in helping you grow the reach and engagement of your social media brand content. A lot of social users follow hashtags. When you use a particular hashtag in your post, it’ll get listed on the hashtag’s page. 

As a result, those who are following that page will be exposed to your content and may engage with it, too. So, it’s essential that you use hashtags well in your posts.

And guess what? You can take this a step further and create a brand hashtag. This will give a boost to your brand recognition and reach too. How does that help? You can use this hashtag in each of your posts. As a result, they’ll all be found under one roof, and those who follow that hashtag’s page can see them all. 

You can encourage your audience to use the hashtag in their posts as well. This will help grow the hashtag’s popularity. 

The watch brand, Daniel Wellington, is a great example of hashtag usage.

branded content - using hashtags on Instagram

Schedule posts

Creating good content is one thing. However, coming up with great content regularly and posting it consistently is a different challenge altogether. You must strike a balance between posting too frequently and posting at wide intervals. 

Also, it’s essential to get the timing of your posts right to ensure that they can create the maximum impact possible. However, publishing posts manually on time can be difficult. 

To overcome this issue, you can leverage social media scheduling tools. Using them, you can schedule your posts in advance to be published on multiple platforms. This will ensure that your brand will always find a place in your followers’ feeds, and this can help boost your reach and engagement even further.

Create customized designs and infographics

By leveraging the power of visual content, you can further optimize your social media brand content. Videos, of course, come in handy for this, but you can also use images and infographics to generate buzz. Infographics, especially, contain a lot of helpful information that your followers can get access to without having to read long posts or watch videos. To create insightful and well-designed infographics, you can use design tools that provide infographic templates. All you’ve got to do is customize these templates to suit your needs and the infographic will be ready to publish.

Tag locations in your posts

Location tags are similar to hashtags in the sense that they collect all the posts from a particular location. This means that anyone who’s checking out the posts from a particular place might spot your posts if you’ve used that location tag. 

Such a tag could come in very useful when you’re at an event that’s garnering a lot of interest. People would likely be following the location tag, and if you use it in your posts at that time, they might come across your posts. You could also tag various locations of your offices in your posts to further broaden your reach and engagement. 

Here’s LiveChat’s office tagged on Instagram.

LiveChat office Instagram location

Optimize your posts

Creating and posting content on social platforms is a great way to grow your reach, engagement, and sales. However, to get the most out of your social media efforts, you must optimize your social media branded content. 

For this, you can start by publishing videos. You could also create shoppable posts and leverage other new post formats like Reels. It’s also recommended that you use hashtags and location tags well to boost your reach even further. 

Finally, create customized designs and schedule the posts to ensure that they’re posted when your followers are most likely to see them. Good luck!

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