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LiveChat for Managers: What’s New in Reports?

Alicja Pawliczak
4 min read
Dec 12, 2019
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As you might have noticed, we moved things around in the Reports section. Now, there are five categories, plus the summary and data export. Don’t worry, all reports are still there, we just wanted to make it easier for you to find a specific type of information. For example, in the agent category, you will see all reports that help you manage your team’s performance.

Want to know what else we shipped? Let’s dive into features that have been released these past few months.

Analyze tags with ease

Agents talk to customers about many different things on a daily basis: from bugs on your site or app to questions about shipping to product requests. With tags, you can quickly add more context to these conversations so they are easy to find and analyze later on. This is where the new tags usage report comes in handy.

LiveChat Tags usage report

Now, all your tag stats are in one place. You can use the report to check the differences in chat volume between particular teams or keep an eye on certain subjects (e.g., requests for a product or reported bugs). To see chats with a specific tag in Archives, choose the tag from the table and click on the chart.

Quickly improve your greetings

More meaningful conversations with your customers mean more opportunities to sell. Greetings let you target the right customers at the right time and encourage them to start a chat. But knowing what works and what doesn’t when setting up greetings isn’t that easy at first.

To make working on greetings more comfortable, we’ve added a data breakdown to the greetings conversion report.

LiveChat greetings breakdown

Now, all greetings are displayed in a table with information about the conversion rate and the number of chats. It’s easy to see which greetings bring you the most chats and which need some tweaking. You can start editing a particular greeting right from the report. Less clicking in the app equals more customers served.

Get in front of your competitors

How are you supposed to know if the first response time of 10 seconds is good? Now, you can see how your competitors are doing, and draw a conclusion yourself.

LiveChat reports local benchmark

With benchmark data in reports, you can see your competitors’ average for total chats, chat satisfaction, chat duration, and response times. All you need to do is flip on the toggle switch next to a chosen report to see how you stack up against your competitors. Time to start celebrating with your team or working on the areas you need to improve.

Note that this report is available for customers on Business and Enterprise plans.

Dig deeper with new filtering logic

We’ve added OR logic to our filters. This means that you can set them to show results that match either value. For example, you can find all chats that were either tagged item request or not in stock. You can also find chats that were handled by agent X or Y. These features make it easier to analyze your customer service data.

OR filter in LiveChat Reports

Coming soon: Agent performance report

As I mentioned at the beginning, we rearranged things in the Reports section to help you get the data you need without distractions. A step forward in that direction is the agent performance report that will be released in the upcoming months.

LiveChat Agent performance report

It will include information about chat satisfaction, number of chats, or first response time to let you keep an eye on key metrics for each agent individually. You will also be able to easily compare stats between people on your team. No more skipping between reports and selecting filters over and over again.

Tell us what you think

Your feedback really helps us make LiveChat better. How do you like the newest changes? Is there any feature you’d like us to add? Please share it with us in the comments section.