Growth Hacking Quotes Inspiring You to Think Outside the Box

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Mar 3, 2016
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Growth hacking quotes

Last time I wrote about great marketing quotes which you liked so much that I thought I should go with the flow. I decided it’s about time to create a Quotes Post about the buzzword everyone is using lately: growth hacking.

Growth hacking is a word which became popular in recent years, so let’s take a closer look at this topic.

Here are some growth hacking quotes and what it is that growth hackers actually do.

Growth hackers are a hybrid of marketer and coder. Andrew Chen

A growth hacker is a person possessing a blend of both marketing and coding skills. It’s a someone disciplined in prioritizing and testing marketing ideas, and passionately analyzing such results to see which tactics worked the best and which should be scaled out further.

It means that marketing is no longer a single role. Lines between marketing, product and engineering are blurring.

Growth hack

Airbnb’s craigslist integration

By reverse engineering the craigslist posting process and automating it to the point where it became dead simple to cross-post your airbnb listing to craigslist, AirBnb was able to hack early growth to 10′s of millions of users. No traditional marketer would have come up with this.

Growth hacking is a set of tactics and best practices for dealing with user growth. Mattan Griffel

While marketers usually worry about: “How do I get more users?”, growth hackers are concerned about other things all the time.: How do I increase the lifetime value of a user, how do I get more users to be active, what’s the “aha” moment for our product, how do I reduce churn, how do I measure the effectiveness of new features? A lot of these questions are product focused questions, not just about traditional marketing and marketing acquisitions channels.

Growth hack

Twitter’s suggested followers on-boarding

Once Twitter found that users who followed more than 30 people were most likely to become active. They optimized the user experience to encourage this behavior.

Growth-hacking is more of a mindset than a tool kit. Ryan Holiday

While marketers take some time to create a marketing strategy plan, growth hackers constantly test and check what approach works best. They have the opposite approach of launching a large plan as a one off attempt.

Growth hacking is all about small attempts and iteration. It constantly requires thinking outside the box and trying new things. But the goal is to find a method that works and get the most out of it. This is something everyone should leverage.

Growth hack

Hotmail’s email signature

Hotmail is easily one of the best examples of early growth hacking in action. By simply including the text "PS: I love you. Get your free email at Hotmail" along with a link to their homepage on all emails sent using the Hotmail system, this brand was able to generate 12 million users in just one year. But with the addition of a few words at the bottom of every message sent, Hotmail’s own emails became a promotion and distribution channel (the final version lacked the "PS: I love you").

Take care of growing customer base

Growth hacking is all about driving as much growth as you can without spending big amounts of money on it. Growth hackers like challenges, they’re curious and brave. They come up with ideas and test them to finally find that “Aha moment” that will lead to fast, viral and affordable customer growth.

I wish every company that kind of talented growth hacker who will take care of customers growth without increasing company’s expenses.

Oh and…

PS: I love you. Get your free LiveChat trial.

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