Get More Chats With These Appealing Eye-Catchers

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Aug 28, 2017
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LiveChat Eye Catchers

If you haven’t got a chance to have at least 10 chats on your website, you probably don’t realize how LiveChat works and how much it can do for you. After analyzing our customers’ chats and sales, we know that the more chats they have, the more they see how LiveChat helps them.

It’s especially important during the trial period when you have 14 days to try LiveChat for free. The most important thing during that time is not to learn as many features as you can, but to have a couple of chats and see how this form of communication can increase customer satisfaction.

But here’s the catch: your visitors might not be aware that you have LiveChat on your website. Even if you have the chat window in the bottom right corner, they might not pay enough attention to it or simply overlook it.

If that’s the case, it’s worth showing your visitors that they’re actually just one click away from getting an immediate help.

One of the best ways to do it is using eye–catchers.

Why you should try eye–catchers

Eye–catchers come in many shapes and sizes. An eye–catcher can be an image pointing to your chat, a nice-looking badge or even a picture of your team standing above the chat window (no worries, I’ll show you that later in the article).

The eye–catchers' job is to catch attention of the new visitors that are coming to your website. People who are new to your website might be a little confused in general, so it’s good to point them towards a possible way of help.

When it comes to your returning visitors, eye–catchers can also remind them about the chat on your website and encourage them to start a conversation with you.

To make it all work, eye–catchers should look like an integral part of your website. They need to be visible, but they can’t stand out too much – you don’t want them to look like an advertisement. They shouldn’t bring chaos to your website: instead, they should build trust.

LiveChat eye catcher chat with us

It’s a promise of an immediate conversation with a support agent: it should only bring some sort of relief and trust.

The effectiveness of eye–catchers

An eye–catcher definitely isn’t a basic feature you need to have right after you create an account, but you should try it out once you get to know the live chat etiquette and learn how to provide amazing online customer experience. Then you can definitely aim for new chats and eye–catchers come to the rescue here.

Now you’re probably wondering whether setting up the first eye–catcher from the list will drastically increase the number of your chats.

The answer is: not necessarily. However, our experience tells us that the customers who are advanced LiveChat users and who setup their customized eye–catcher have more chats than the ones who haven’t placed an eye–catcher on their website.

On average, full accounts have around 52% more chats than the ones without eye–catchers.

The conclusion here is that having an eye–catcher is definitely a part of increasing the number of chats.

Adjust the look of eye–catchers to the season

Why settle for one eye–catcher when you can have many? For example, you can spice up your eye–catchers by updating them to the current season. How about adding a jack-o’-lantern eye–catcher on Halloween or a Santa Claus hat on your chat window during the Christmas season?

Or let’s say you run a travel agency. A good idea is to put a “sea and beach” image as an eye–catcher or a ski slope during the winter break. It not only makes people imagine they’re already there, but it immediately makes them want to click on your chat window to see what’s more there and to start a conversation with you.

Eye–catchers on the websites

Since you already know that eye–catchers generate more chats and that they bring in more sales and more happy customers, you probably want to see how they look like. The new eye–catchers are totally lovable and I want to show you how our customers use them.

Basing on our data we’ve created customized eye–catchers that will help you get more chats.

The site Exact Data provides multi–channel direct marketing services. For a company that specializes in marketing leads and social media, they need to have a clear website and make LiveChat visible.

They’re definitely not afraid of customers’ inquiries and that’s what their eye–catcher shows. It suits the website perfectly because it’s a blue button just like many other buttons they have on the website. Check this out.

Exact data eye catcher

Another example is Garden State Home Loans Inc. They provide low rate mortgages and help their customer refinance or purchase mortgages.

They’re based in New Jersey and I’m absolutely in love with their eye–catcher. It shows the map of New Jersey that they have in their logo and it's very attention-catching, makes you smile and invites to chat!

It goes well with the website that has mainly black and white tones with a green logo, green LiveChat window and orange buttons. The eye-catcher is also orange so it’s all perfectly consistent.

Garden state home loans eye catcher

I want to show you more eye–catchers from our customers, but since they’re hidden inside their application or a website, I made some screens from inside our app.

Here the example of One Firefly, a marketing and design agency. They have different eye–catchers on different subpages.

One firefly eye catcher
One firefly eye catcher

Another example is HealthPost, an online supplier of natural health, skincare and household products, based in Golden Bay, New Zealand. Their eye–catcher is so on point.

What associates more with the nature and supplies than a kakapo?

Health post eye catcher

Last but not least, there is another amazing, personalized eye–catcher from the company Vagaro. It’s a salon software for booth renters, small salons or multi–locations. They have 24/7 scheduling.

Why is their eye–catcher so amazing? Because it simply shows off their team. It makes you want to click it just to see what gems are hidden under the “chat now” button. Isn’t that just fabulous? The more personalized the website, the better.

Vagaro eye catcher

Our customers are so creative that they even have animated eye–catchers. For example, a little figure that juggles its watches.

Eye catcher juggle person

Really, you can let your imagination take you there.

Eye–catchers at their best

All in all, I hope you’ll give eye–catchers a try and not only will you choose the ones from our gallery, but you will also create your own. They will make your website even more user–friendly and your customers will be more willing to chat with you. Good luck!

If you have any questions, remember you can always chat with our support agents, they’re here to help you, 24/7!