The Alchemy of Ads: Best Super Bowl XLIX Commercials

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Jan 25, 2016
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Best Super Bowl Commercials 2015

As January ends, all eyes turn to the San Francisco Bay Area where the Golden Super Bowl will be held. It’s been half a century since the first Super Bowl in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and much has changed since then!

One of the things that changed was the price of Super Bowl commercials.

Did you know that in 1967 a television commercial’s price tag was $42,000? During the next 10 years the cost has grown three times. Now, as you can expect, it’s the highest ever.

In 2016, during Super Bowl 50, a 30-second commercial costs $5,000,000!

We might wonder why it’s so expensive or how anyone can decide to pay so much money for 30 seconds. The most important thing for us though is that if companies are paying so much money for broadcasting, they will make sure that the commercials are amazing.

So, while we wait, let’s recall the most interesting and popular commercials of Super Bowl XLIX!

Since the company decided to air a 60-seconds version of the commercial, it spent around $9 million on it. The commercial was seen by an audience of 100 million and was an instant hit.

In the 12 weeks after the spot was first aired, Always’ market share went up by 0.2 percent to 50.1 percent!

The video went viral and during the following year it was seen over 60 million times on Youtube. It was also recognized in Cannes and won PR Lions Grand Prix – one of the seven Glass Lions.

No more

“No more” is not a commercial in the literal meaning. It’s a first ever Super Bowl social campaign whose scenario was taken almost word for word from a real Reddit story.

The spot is based on a real 911 call from a women who pretends to order pizza because her attacker is still in the room. This commercial was made by, NFL’s organization addressing domestic violence and other crimes.

This extraordinary Dodge commercial is a proof that the audience is searching for something more meaningful in advertising than just watching products they can buy. In the “Wisdom” spot Dodge presents hundred-year-old elders who share their knowledge about what’s important in life.

Their appearance had its justification as Dodge was celebrating its 100th birthday in 2014, but still – the idea is brilliant.

As you can expect, this wonderful ad was seen over 5.7 million times during the first 24 hours and over 16 million times since then!

Be ready for action

This Fiat “Blue Pill” commercial is funny and really nicely done. It features an elder couple trying to “arrive at the end of the sentimental journey” when the man unfortunately tosses his Viagra out of his window.

See what happens next!

Regardless of the criticism, this spot is often chosen as one of the best Super Bowl XLIX ads. It quickly went viral and got 3,4 million Youtube views in one day.


Can you imagine what would happen if God was for some reason not able to watch after Earth?

Thanks to Mophie's, you can see it with your own eyes!

This stunning and creative commercial was made by Deutsch L.A. (remember its cute Star Wars ad “The Force”?). They came with the idea that when the world is falling apart, it could be saved if God was only using Morphies phone charger.

As it sounds ridiculous, it makes more sense if we look at the responses the agency got from a focus group. They found that desperate people feel strong anxiety when their phones die and compared it to the anxiety God could have when losing control over the world.

The result is awesome!

Honorable mention

There is only one way of getting more word of mouth than by airing a Super Bowl commercial. It’s being banned from airing a Super Bowl Commercial!

Although Bud Light “Clothing Drive” is a quite old spot (it was not aired during Super Bowl XLIV), let’s recall what can office workers do to get a free can of beer.

Warning: watch it on your own risk!

Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl ads are not designed to generate sales as they are to generate buzz and conversations about a company or product. These ads get super media attention, so it’s a great opportunity to increase brands recognition.

And since this year’s Super Bowl is going to be special as per its “gold anniversary”, I guess we can expect the best commercials ever.

Check out the special episode of Alchemy of Ads: crème de la crème of Super Bowl 50!

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