The Alchemy of Ads: Best Ad Campaigns of 2015

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Dec 28, 2015
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Best Commercials in 2015

In this episode of Alchemy of Ads I have prepared something very special for you: the greatest, most creative and important ads. Get ready for best campaigns of 2015.

Let’s learn from the best!

Emily’s Oz

Comcast’s “Emily’s Oz” advert is a proof that a good story is as much important as the advert itself.

When the agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners asked a 7-year-old Emily what she sees in her mind's eye when she watches The Wizard of Oz, they did not know that the result will be so stunning. Emily’s imagination turned to be vivid, resplendent and boundless.

There was one thing though.

Emily was blind.

This beautifully made spot is an advertisement of Comcast’s "talking guide" for people with visual disabilities.

We want to create opportunities for people who love film and television, but who might not have the opportunity to experience it to its fullest.

One couldn’t think about a better and more creative idea to promote such an initiative! And for me, personally, it’s very important to discover that the blind child’s imagination can be so amazing.

Heat is life

This flower grew in a desert of ice where the temperatures can go down to -30°C.
Here is its story.

Atlantic Group is a heating technology company who decided to remind people how important heat in our lives is. To do so, they’ve placed a cube structure on a top of a mountain in British Columbia, 2400 meters above the sea level.

The cube was warmed up by two electric heaters. Their heat melted the snow, released seeds embedded in the ice and turned a piece of a hostile land into a beautiful, blooming garden within 37 days.

All that in the middle of snowy nothing.

This breathtaking ad was was heavily commended and awarded on 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival. The agency, Leo Burnett Worldwide won a record 69 Lions across 18 award categories and 16 global offices, making it the strongest performance at the annual awards show in history!

If there is anything I’d like to wish to the advertisement industry in 2016, I’d wish it was as good as “37 Days”. Innovative idea, amazing creativity, stunning shots and nature – that’s something that sells without selling.

More stuff (warning: contains elf nudity)

Blue Zoo Animation Studio made this pawky video to reveal the true meaning of Christmas.

What is it?

More stuff, of course!

This auto-promotional parody video contains almost everything that a multi BAFTA winning animation production company could offer. We have beautiful animation, intelligent humour, a satire on consumer habits, a deeper message (do you really need all this stuff?) and, of course, naked elves.


I can’t tell you what this ad is about

When I was watching this ad for the first time, I had no idea what it’s about. That’s exactly why I’m not telling you now what you’re going to see.

I hope it will be as much surprising for you as it was for me!

BGH Joy smartphone’s ad is another example showing us that even trivial problems can be showed in a creative way. Buffering problems have never been so dramatic!

Apparently the fairytale universe and 4G LTE technology can go hand in hand. It’s a pity that this ad was made for the market in Argentina only.


This ad is just too good to not mention it. Geico’s “Unskippable” campaign is not only one of most funny and innovative ads of 2015, it’s said to be one of the best campaigns of the year.

The campaign is called “Unskippable” as a reference to Youtube habits that make people skip the advertisements. Since this ad ends in ten seconds, it is, in fact, unskippable!

Does it work?

It sure does. Its full, one minute version was seen over 8 million times while the short, 30 second version “only” over 800 thousand times. In an age when Youtube adverts are dying, it’s a remarkable success!

This is not the only ad that makes Geico’s campaigns so successful. All their ads are creative and incredibly funny, so people love to watch them. It sounds crazy, especially when you realize that Geico is a car insurance company.

It seems like even the most “boring” products can be sold in an amusing way!

Hardys of Australia sponsors England Cricket

If you have read the latest episode of Alchemy of Ads, you surely remember Hardy’s Wine campaign.

England and Australia are cricket rivals for over 130 years now, so you can imagine how shocking the information was, that Hardy’s Wine started to sponsor English cricket team.

If dogs were sponsoring cats, the effect wouldn’t be more dramatic.

I love the way campaign’s creators play with stereotypes. The effect is hilarious and that’s exactly why this campaign is, in my opinion, the best campaign of the year 2015.

Honorable Mentions

You all know Snickers’ “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign, but did you see the Super Bowl episode? If not, you better get ready for the most ridiculous part of the series yet, where the Brandy Bunch’s Marcia feels quite hostile when she's hungry.

Starring – Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi!

“A pure absurd” is the perfect description of this ad and something it has in common with another honorable mention no.2: a 45 minute Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whisky drinking bliss with Nick Offerman.

And I’m serious – don’t expect anything else.

It’s 45 minutes of drinking whisky.

Absolutely brilliant!

Live long and prosper

As year 2015 is ending, it is clear that people watch slightly less television than a couple of years ago, but it’s still a lot. The average daily time spent watching TV per person in the U.S. was almost 300 minutes in 2015. That’s 5 hours daily!

For that reason, my new year’s wish is: may it be a good year for smart advertisements.

Let’s forget about muddling, ridiculously bad commercials shouting to buy more. Since most of us spend much time in front of the television and we have to watch commercials, may it be entertaining, intelligent and beautiful. May it educate, spread awareness and bring us joy!

And as for consumers, I wish us all to be more conscious about things we buy and from whom we buy.

All the best!

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