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David Street

David Street

Copywriter, Success

About me

Member of the Success editorial team. I combine technical expertise and a clear writing style to publish articles that quickly help readers understand the big picture. 

I worked for years as a systems engineer and still have a strong interest in breaking down complex problems to present them in a way anyone will understand. I dig into detailed data where necessary. Statistics and charts are useful to explain complex ideas, but an elegantly written paragraph can also do the job.

I read everything from classic literature to science magazines to keep a broad perspective. My two cats remind me that I also need to take a break and eat something now and then.

My articles

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Service in 2021

Customer service is going to be everything in 2021. Customer-centric is a trendy word, but you often only get generic and superficial knowledge about the topic. In this guide, we'll tell you the whole story of customer service for a new decade and beyond. We'll cover the subject... read more

33 minutes
Nov 27, 2020

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