12 Killer Posts We Published in 2018 on LiveChat Blog

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Jan 3, 2019
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list of 2018 blog posts

The end of the year is the time when you sum up the past year, thinking about your ups and downs, (trying not to focus too much on downs, I hope). Yet another year has passed, you’re a year older person, but it’s a good thing! Just think about the things you learned and achieved that year.

It was a good year for the LiveChat blog. We’ve featured posts of many great content writers and shared tons of knowledge with you. Our blog was visited every month by over 100k visitors, who spend 8 minutes on each page on average.

And our average bounce rate of 30%? Very good, especially that I’m convinced that people who left, simply found answers to their questions.

So, as the December 2018 is coming to an end, it’s time to sum up a bit all the highlights of 2018. Let me proudly present a list of 12 killer posts we’ve published this year on LiveChat Blog.

1. How we reached 100,000 unique views a month on LiveChat blog

The first post on our list is the LiveChat case study about the long way to reach 100k unique views on our blog.

In 2014, when Olga and I were hired as LiveChat content writers, LiveChat blog was gaining 100k unique views yearly. To be precise, we had 84,828 views total. 3 years later, we hit the threshold of 100k in a month and since then, our numbers steadily grow.

Olga describes our strategy and decisions we’ve made to hit this result!

2. Shopify customer service – best practices to implement in your business

Another case study on my list comes from Mateusz, LiveChat Marketplace Specialist and my office neighbor.

This case study was born when Mateusz realized two things. The first was that it’s quite unique for a company to keep their live chat visible. Most companies try to hide their direct contact details behind knowledge bases and FAQs, but not Shopify.

Another thing that was interesting for Mateusz was the level of their customer service. It was just great. Swift responses (a 30 second response time), professional and friendly agents, and 90% of customer satisfaction.

Mateusz also analyzes other customer service channels that are used by Shopify, so if you want to learn more about great customer service, you should check his post out.

3. 5 tips to improving online communication with customers (and 5 traps to avoid)

Speaking of great online communication, can you say that your communication skills are great?

We all have our ups and downs if comes to communication: sometimes we’re great to talk to, and sometimes we’re too tired or upset to listen carefully. While it’s not a big deal in our private lives, it turns into a problem when your job is to speak with customers and be professional every day.

This post will help you to get aware of the most common communication traps and will help you to boost your communication skills.

4. 6 best AI chatbots to improve your customer service

Here's another post about communication, but this time - about AI communicating with people. Chatbots are no longer a trend; they are a customer service tool that can do miracles (when in good hands).

From this post, you’ll learn about how chatbots can benefit your customer service and in case you’re hooked, it also presents a couple of chatbot plugins you can use in your business.

5. Dos and don’ts of building a customer service chatbot: LiveChat case study

Since you already know how chatbots can benefit your business, it’s time for a case study on how we (LiveChat) implemented bots in our workflow.

Over a year ago, we created BotEngine, a beta version of a bot creator, and we integrated it with our app. We tested it for over a year, reporting all bugs and correcting chatbot scenarios to finally be able to say: IT WORKS!

From this case study, you’ll learn the dos and don’ts of chatbot creation. We’ve made a lot of mistakes you can avoid, but we also had a couple of great ideas you can learn from.

I’d say that if you’re into chatbots, this post is your must-read!

6. Ways to speed up your service without growing support team

When your business grows, your customer base grows too. And one day you might notice that your customer service team is not able to catch up with all incoming inquiries and if you want them to keep up the good work, you need to hire new people.

But wait, is it necessary?

From this post, you’ll learn how to optimize your customer service workflow so you can handle all customer inquiries and you don’t have to hire more people.

OK, you might want to hire chatbots. But these are not people.

7. 5 Lead generation hacks for ecommerce brands

Growth is the most important thing for business, there’s no doubt. Increasing the website traffic and bringing more leads is challenging and - let’s say this straight - difficult.

Luckily, there’s LiveChat blog to guide you!

In this post from Brandon Brown, you’ll learn the lead generation tips on where to find valuable leads, how to provide great support to them, and how to boost your marketing - all that with live examples and a neat email template to industry influencers.

8. Top tips to master B2B lead generation using live chat

What would be the point to have the LiveChat blog and not write about live chat at all?

In this post, Maryann Thomas also talks about lead generation, but this time, she’s describing how to use live chat in sales. She stresses how important it is to be in touch with your leads in real time, how to shorten the sales funnel, how to nurture leads by live chat, and how to choose right integrations to boost your live chat powers.

And although Maryann is talking about B2B lead generation, I think that lots of her advice can be taken to the B2C field too.

9. How live chat can help improve Average Order Value

You’ve just learned how to use live chat to bring more leads to your business, how to use it in sales, it’s time to use it to improve your AOV.

Anthony Capetola explains what AOV is, how to calculate it and gives a lot of examples to fully understand it. He also digs into how live chat can be used to cross-sell, boost engagement, send personalized messages, and how it can increase your revenue.

He also shares some good live chat practices, so even the live chat beginners can squeeze the most of it.

10. Customer success management in SaaS – LiveChat team strategy

Maybe this post was written to advise SaaS customers in particular, but in my opinion every business owner should read it.

If you want to get rid of the high churn rate, customer complaints or poor customer retention - what can I say, this post was made for you!

11. Lessons about corporate team building from Coinbase’s #1 employee

Last year, I read one of the most eye-opening articles about building a dream-team.

Olaf Carlson-Wee shares his story of starting his career as the first Coinbase’s employee and becoming the Director of Support in the end. His story is both inspiring and jaw-dropping.


Because if you think you know what a difficult hiring is, I tell you - you know nothing!

12. Holiday email subject lines to woo your on the go subscribers

The last post on this list had to be holiday-related!

This post from Keving George is a nice compendium of knowledge about what makes a great email subject line and how to use it to boost your customers’ holiday spirit.

Lots of actionable tips and dozens of real-life examples make this post a must-read for email marketing enthusiasts.

Have a creative new year!

I’m really happy with this list, but when I’m thinking about it, there’s still one thing I’d add here.


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