Screen Sharing integration?

Does anyone use a screen sharing app or integration with LiveChat? We need to help visitors through a registration and scheduling program sometimes and screen sharing could make this easier.

What are your favourite screen sharing apps or integrations to use with LiveChat?


Hello melissa.hannam,

My name is Krzysztof, and I’m a member of LiveChat’s Technical Support. As a person who conducts a lot of screen sharing sessions with our customers, I think that this is a great question! :man_technologist:

When it comes to assisting our customers with more advanced technical problems, like lending a helping hand when adding LiveChat code to their website or diagnosing some system-specific issues with a desktop app, our go-to solution is TeamViewer app. It’s a powerful tool that allows us to not only take over our customers’ screens but also start a text, voice or video chat in case that our customers have any additional questions during the screen sharing session. What’s more, you can integrate the TeamViewer app with LiveChat window on your website, so that when your agent is chatting with a customer, with just a click of a button he can send him a detailed instruction on how to install and run a small TeamViewer app on his computer. No need to type the instructions manually or adjust the canned response to each new customer requiring a screen sharing session :slight_smile: If you’d like to see how well TeamViewer integrates with LiveChat window, check out our official TeamViewer tutorial, available here.

Also, I’ve got one more recommendation for you:
If your registration and scheduling program is available for your customer solely on your website and the screen sharing will not require accessing your customer’s desktop app, I can also recommend using our Upscope integration. By adding a simple HTML snippet to your website, Upscope allows you to conduct a simple screen sharing session, during which you will see your customer’s real-time movements that he or she takes on your website. And that’s not all – Upscope does not require an installation of any additional 3rd party apps, neither on yours nor your customer’s computer! If you’d like to learn how LiveChat integrates with it, check out yet another of our tutorials, available here.

Melissa, I hope that I was able to help! Feel free to shoot me in case of any follow-up questions regarding this topic or, if you have additional questions regarding LiveChat software, don’t hesitate to start a new thread! :slight_smile:


This is awesome, thank you! I’m super stoked about the Upscope Integration - seems super easy for the visitor! I’m going to check these out in more detail and hopefully get something set up very soon. :+1:


Not a problem! If you’ll have any additional questions about screen sharing software or other integrations available at LiveChat, feel free to ask :slightly_smiling_face:

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How apt, this is something we are introducing within this quarters OKR’s so will look at Upscope and TeamViewer 1st

We just started the free trial of Upscope. So far, so good with using it to co-browse with visitors to our website. The installation process was a little glitchy however, as Upscope doesn’t automatically work with iframes on the website (and we have A LOT of iframes!). The customer service rep I had assigned to me, worked hard to adjust their program to show the iframes, but it took almost a week to get it working properly.
The visitors we have co-browsed with so far, seem to like it. Nice thing is it works with mobile, tablets and desktops.

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we use median, it works great. And it has integration with livechat too.


I wanted to add-on/update Melissa’s post here.

Upscope has been working pretty well for us! It’s handy because it provides both a “draw” tool, so we can circle things we want to point out to our customers, as well as giving us the ability to click on their screen if they are not sure what to select.

I’ve used both the draw tool and selecting things on their behalf - it works quite well and I feel comfortable knowing that we cannot access, or even see!, anything else on their computer!


Hi guys,

You can also integrate LiveChat with to access a visitor’s screen.