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Support Queue Management Tips

It's Christmas. Your significant other asked you to buy new Christmas tree ornaments and other decorations for the upcoming holidays. So you drive to the shop, pick up some suspiciously-similar items to the ones you bought last year, and now you're standing in line. Someone is... read more

Wojciech Guminski
13 minutes
Dec 13, 2022

Ways to Speed up Your Service Without Growing Support Team

As you gain more customers, you may think that you need more people to handle chats, answer phones and cover emails. This would result in your customer support team growing proportionally to your business. It’s not a bad thing, but if you always follow the strategy of hiring... read more

8 minutes
Feb 6, 2018

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How to Set Better Customer Service Goals for Your Support Team

You often hear about the importance of writing down your goals, as they are intended to give you a destination. However, many find that they aren’t constructing measurable and clear-cut goals to work towards. Customer service goals should stem from extensive research and never be... read more

Natasha Hoke
6 minutes
Dec 26, 2017

What Is Employee Engagement and Why You Need It in Your Business

Companies and business leaders can look to all kind of KPIs and metrics to decide on the ‘next big thing’ to improve revenue. However, they often forget about one of the most fundamental ones: employee engagement. Employee engagement is the thing that makes people shine when they... read more

6 minutes
Oct 28, 2016

3 Employee Engagement Best Practices You Can Learn From Customers

Your customers’ experience is directly related to your employees’ experience, and with employee engagement levels as low as they are, customer experience is likely to suffer. While low employee engagement is problematic, it’s not exactly surprising. It’s not uncommon for... read more

Blake Beus
5 minutes
Oct 27, 2016

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The Best Employee Engagement Ideas You Can Use for Your Business

Engagement is something we want to keep, that’s why we work on it all the time. For example in relationships, by doing things we might not like, just to make the other person happy. In business with customers, by sending monthly newsletters and reminding them about payments, to... read more

11 minutes
Sep 16, 2016

Creating the Perfect Customer Service Training Plan

The lack of proper customer service training plan can lead to a bunch of support problems. If you don’t train agents properly, you can’t expect good customer service results. Agents that are not trained will often feel that their skills are not that valuable, leading to higher... read more

11 minutes
Sep 1, 2016

How to Hire a Perfect Live Chat Agent

Building the perfect customer service team is a challenge. While interviewing potential hires, there is a lot to cover, ranging from technical knowledge to soft skills. Moreover, the recruitment process does not end after the final handshake – it is the beginning of a journey.... read more

12 minutes
May 31, 2016

What is CQ and why is it essential for successful customer support

The ability to stay cool when situation becomes challenging requires a great degree of personal control. But, what’s most important in today’s customer service environment is not just how well a frontline rep can handle one particular challenging interaction, but how well he can... read more

11 minutes
Jul 15, 2015