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How LiveChat Approaches Software Development

There are a ton of different ways you can take on software development. Depending on whether you are preparing your own product or you offer software development outsourcing services for specific business customers, you can either use various agile methodologies or devise a plan... read more

14 minutes
Jul 20, 2016

Customer Service Survey Questions You Should Ask to Get Good Data

Customer service surveys allow you to take a peek into your customers’ minds. You can learn about their problems, needs and do something about them. It’s your very own customer service magic. But instead of a crystal ball, you need a few, well worded customer service survey... read more

9 minutes
Jun 6, 2016

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7 Ways to Turn Customer Wrath into Wins for Your Business

An angry customer is a business nightmare, right? Wrong. An angry customer is a business opportunity. If you handle your complaints process right, you can transform an angry customer into a brand advocate and a high-value return customer. Marketing professors Michael McCullough... read more

8 minutes
Apr 12, 2016

How to Use Customer Feedback Effectively

Gathering customer feedback seems like a no-brainer now. Every company does it to a lesser or greater extent. Businesses spend thousands on setting up various customer feedback channels: surveys, emails, reviews, rates. Is it worth it? It definitely is if you know how to act on... read more

8 minutes
Mar 2, 2016

How to Get Customer Feedback

To create good customer service, you first need to know what needs improving. Customer feedback is your go-to source of knowledge in this case. It’s the gas that will keep your customer service machine rolling in the right direction. However, what if you don’t get enough gas? If... read more

5 minutes
May 18, 2015

How to Get Feedback from Customers Who Leave

Losing a client is something that every company has to face once in a while. In some cases, it might be extremely tough for the owner. If you’re a business owner, it’s easy to blame yourself for this, feel disappointed or even anxious about your company’s future. First thoughts... read more

5 minutes
Nov 25, 2014