Steps to Improve First Call Resolution

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Oct 7, 2016
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First call resolution

Jack was indeed in a mess when he reached the customer care agent, seeking help to complete an online transaction that was held without any clear sort of a reason. The agents who spoke to him was not of a great help either as he spoke a language that was totally out of the way for Jack.

Because he was a Spaniard and was trying to speak English with his best efforts. The words that he was trying to pronounce were an amalgamated form of both the languages and Jack had to try his level best to keep the conversation understandable. Agent tried his best too.

But the final results were not as good as expected by Jack because by the time some solution started to be visible for the problem, Jack was told by the agent that the transaction was not possible at that moment due to some inexplicable reasons.

The first thing that Jack was thinking about after the conversation got over was, switching to some other bank’s services.

Jack was a loyal customer till date but this single horrible experience led him to think of some other options.

After a customer calls for a support, it totally depends on the efficiency of the call center, how effectively the customer gets a plausible response. First call resolution (FCR) happens when a doubtful customer is converted into a convinced one on his very first contact.

Let’s see what all factors decide the first call resolution and how to improve it.

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Customer information is the key

To understand your customer beforehand is necessary so that while the conversation is on you don’t have to ask the customer for any information that you should be aware of, mandatorily. This fails the customer’s intention because he is seeking an immediate solution. Such unfavourable circumstances give a feeling that the customer support is less concerned about the customer specific details.

As we saw in the above scenario that Jack was already stuck with his transaction proceedings and then he had to deal with the agent in terms of every single information about his service history. The agent knew very less about Jack as a customer and he did not have any information handy.

Now to tackle such scenario, the most forward looking approach in the contemporary times is going for a cloud hosted call center. Because they are repositories of customer related data and the agents can access a particular information any time they need. So, going for a virtual call center itself enables the agents to be able to tackle the customer queries in a meaningful manner. And thus first call resolution falls into a highly possible region of customer support.

A skillful agent to the needful customer

If the customers are made to interact with a specific agent who has the knowledge to deal with the particular issue brought in by the customer then the conversation leads to a productive outcome in lesser time. In the above case we saw that the agent was not skillful according to Jack’s needs.

So, skill based call routing gives a totally new perspective to the customer support environment. In this way, the customer speaks to the particular agent who has the knowledge and who can easily lead the customer to a solution.

The first call resolution is about resolving the customer contact in just one query so the most essential step behind it is, route the problem to the right set of skills to tackle it.

Training the agents well

Agents are the individuals who interact with your customers, their awareness about the business and the service should be accurate. For this, it is necessary to have a perpetual training of the agents to groom them according to the needs of the business.

With the passing of times, the awareness among the customers has grown so to walk in tandem with their needs, one can not avoid to improve the knowledge base of the company.

Resolving a problem on the very first occasion is a matter of understanding the issue immediately and reflecting the best possible solution. Customers are just looking for a prompt and appropriate response.

Speculating the customer related problems

If you join speculations with statistics then the results are productive. So speculate the customer related problems and their pain points. This will give you an idea about what are those points that could make the customers fall away from the service.

Such speculative questions should be analyzed with the help of the deductions from the customer related data. Their interest, inclinations give many cues to bring certain changes in the way services are being delivered.

Considering the same, virtual call centers use call center software that is capable of analyzing the customer-related data. The specific customer-related details such as demography, time zone, location are registered in the software and they further provide many meaningful results to be used while the conversation is on.

These results help to achieve first call resolution, effectively.

Look for the Technology that Suits You

Help your agents by providing them with the best technologies available around. Zero in some of the meaningful technologies that are going to help your customer support system. Cloud is one such technology that has brought significant changes to the call center environment and because of this, agents have found more autonomy in responding to the customers.

Virtual call centers are location independent and agents can work from home, eventually, giving them an environment with much lesser pressure. The call center software helps them to connect with the experts immediately in the times when the agent gets stuck.

First call resolution is not just a result of human effort but inclusion of the right technology increases the chances many folds.

Connect with customers

LiveChat is a complete customer service platform that delights your customers and fuels your sales.

Trusted by 36,000+ companies

Free 14-day trial

Be prepared to take that call

The ideas behind first call resolution as mentioned above with the help of different influencing factors. They cumulatively, decide the efficiency and productivity level of your call center. First call resolution is the first step that leads to a long term customer relationship, as they say, the very first impression is the last impression.

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