9 Customer Service Tips to become
a true Support Hero

We’ve shared our best customer service tips to help you become a true Support Hero.


Always put yourself in customer’s shoes

When dealing with difficult customers and their perplexing requests, the ability to put yourself in their shoes is key to help them without starting a conflict.

If customer requests something that’s against company’s policy – try to understand where the request comes from. It might be that customers need something else then they requested and it can be done at the spot.


Use positive language only

”It’s not available right now”, “I can’t”, “I don’t know” – stop using those word when you’re helping the customer. They’re not supporting a person, who needs help. Instead on focusing on what you can’t, focus on what you can do to help your customers.

It’s up to you whether you answer “I don’t know, I don’t think so.” or “Good question, let me find out for you right now!”, but remember that using positive language can make a huge difference to how the customer hears your response.


Stay cool when things get hot

Often, you need to handle a difficult customer who is irritated and blame you for all the world’s evil. If it’s a daily occurrence, no doubt it can drive you insane.

There are a few fundamental customer service tips for that. First and above all, remain calm and don’t let a customer see you’re boiling inside. Second, remember that you are there to help the customer, not to take blame and feel guilty.


Focus on solving the issue

Doing small talk is a good way to build connections and to break the ice, but let’s face it – it’s the problem solving the most important thing in customer service.

In case the chit-chatting lasts too long, simple ‘Let’s get back to business’ will bring the visitor back to the right subject.


Don’t let customers push you around

There are times when you simply just cannot ignore policies and go with your customer’s request. It may and will make your customer irritated, but no matter what, don’t let customers push you around.

The best customer service tip for that is to focus on showing what have you done to help, instead of explaining what customer did wrong.


Use different support channels

”Please send us a mail.” does not work anymore. Your customers are present in various channels, so should you. Being available via live chat, phone, email or in social media reassure your customers that you’ll be there when they need you.

Don’t keep your customers hanging by assigning each channel to your responsible team members.


Resolve the case as fast as possible

When you want to deliver the WOW effect, above all, focus on responding to customers as fast as possible. As data shows, there is a direct correlation between the speed of response and customer satisfaction.

Basically, the faster you respond, the happier your customers are. Thus be sure to add response and resolution time to your customer service mix.


Never stop improving your skills

It’s crucial to never stop working on your customer service skills. The best way to do it, is to train yourself regurarly with customer service trainings. It’s up to you, whether you prefer e-learnings, workshops or certifications.


Automate repetitive actions

Make your work easier by automating some of your routines. Getting the same question five times a day? Create a reply template and use it when appropriate. Some customer service tools let you automate this with a few keystrokes.

Another great customer service tip is to collect required information before starting the conversation so you can go straight to the solution.

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