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Your customers appreciate instant help

In eCommerce, great customer service is about speed. Traditional customer service channels, phones, and emails, are too inefficient to satisfy online customers.

Luckily, there’s LiveChat: built on the idea that all answers to website visitors questions should be within their reach. All your customers need to do is to click on the live chat bubble and chat. It’s fast, easy and convenient, and you’re able to respond in seconds.

Fast problem-solving translates into customer happiness

Thanks to LiveChat, you can handle most customer cases in one go. There’s no need to provide long explanations via phone or exchange countless emails until your solution works for your client.

When chatting, everything goes much faster. An agent has all the information they need to handle a case, and a customer doesn’t have to waste their time on explaining the problem. Thanks to that, even 9 out 10 cases can be resolved on the spot!

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Be there when your customers need you

Visitors who browse your website sometimes just don’t feel the need to contact you, even if they have a problem or a question. LiveChat allows you to spot those visitors and send an automatic chat invitation when needed.

For example, you can assume that when your customer spends a lot of time on a product page, they may be not convinced to make a purchase. In such case, even a short chat can help them to make their mind.

LiveChat customer satisfaction score

According to our data, the average satisfaction rate for the retail industry is as high as 86%. It means that 86 people out of 100 loved their live chat experience!

You can also easily measure your customer satisfaction thanks to chat rating. Every time your customer is impressed by your fantastic support, they can leave a thumb up and comment. You can check the performance of your team in your reports section. It will help you to evaluate what your team is good at and what needs further improvement

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Chatting is like a conversation

The Internet has shortened the distance between people. The language we use online reflects that: it’s informal and friendly.

It means that by using jargon or being too formal, you can discourage your customers from contacting you. From the other hand, when you communicate with your clients the same way they do, you gain their trust.

Adding live chat to your website is a sign for them that you care about their needs and that they’re welcome to chat with you.

No queues = happy customers

Waiting in a queue can successfully scare your customers away. Neverending queues on phone are a true pain in the neck. Your customers hate it!

Luckily, live chat is the most efficient customer service tool allowing to help five or even six customers at one time. Say goodbye to long queues, say hello to happy customers!

No queues = happy customers

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