WordPress plugin generates browser console error when running Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse complains that the livechat plugin is logging an error to the browser console.

Error: Current domain is not added to the allowlist. at https://cdn.livechatinc.com/tracking.js:1:63809 at async Promise.all (index 0)

But if I log into Livechatinc.com and go to settings → trusted domains, our website is in the list. Maybe this is not even related…

I have an idea that the way Google Lighthouse does its thing means Livechatinc doesn’t see the request as coming from my website.

Am I right? What is going on here?

Sorry for the late response:
this is nothing that you should be worrying about. The message is displayed because the lighthouse is using a different user agent than the regular agent forwarded by the web browser itself. We detect this change, and thus our server replies with the allowlist error.
The issue does not affect the widget or the real score itself when it comes to google search, so as mentioned above, you should not worry about it.

Hope it helps!