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Our HelpDesk team created a great source of knowledge for anyone that wants to learn more about email marketing :email: :chart_with_upwards_trend:

In this free ebook, you will find a lot of compiled knowledge and tips that will enable you to communicate better through the most popular channel :raised_hands:

In the ebook, you will find the knowledge on:

  • basics of online communication and general rules for writing a good email
  • structure of the business email
  • boosting the efficiency of email messages
  • forwarding and replying to an email
  • sending follow-ups

You can download it here.

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In case of any questions concerning the ebook or the topic of email marketing, type them below and tag Weronika โ€“ the author of the ebook (@w.masternak ) or Rafaล‚ โ€“ HelpDesk Marketing Manager (@rafal-helpdesk). Theyโ€™ll gladly answer them :slight_smile: