Rich messages in Livechat

Hello Guys,

Currently Rich messages supported by Bot. Only bot can send Rich message.

It will be a really good feature if Agent also Could sent Rich messages…

For example: When Customer ask to agent, can you suggest any other product?

Agent will send Rich message where will be add to cart feature and much more.

Hi @Roy ,

Currently, we are working on bringing the possibility to send rich messages for developers in Agent App Widgets integrations. It will allow developers to create applications that send carousels, quick replies and cards. It should be released early in 2019.

We are preparing also first applications that will use that feature, the app for sending products offers using data fetched from e-commerce system. It will be published in our marketplace.

We are planning rich message configurator to use by agents too, but there is no any ETA yet.


Thanks Konrad.

Good Luck.

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