Rich greetings configurator is here ๐ŸŽ‰

Hello, :wave: recently, weโ€™ve been working on a very exciting feature, and today is the day that we can finally share it with you.

We present you with a brand new rich greeting configurator that allows you to expose not only the text but also content like images and interactive buttons in a neat greeting message.

:point_right:Watch a quick guide on how to create your first rich greeting. Experiment with different types, and share your findings with us. Maybe you have an idea for a rich greeting in a particular use case?

For more details check this article


This is cool!

Iโ€™ve set up a few rich greetings on some of my lower converting pages, so we will see how they do! Thanks for another cool new feature! :star_struck:


Thanks Melissa :smiley: We would be more than happy to hear your findings from this experiment :slightly_smiling_face: