Reviewing agents' performance

Hey there!

Just recently when I reviewed our self-checking activities, I started wondering: how do you guys assess and review the work of your agents or colleagues? Do you have a system of peer-to-peer reviews? Or do you rely on supervisor’s reviews?

Do you have any system to review how agents perform (what language they are using, or tone, or what product knowledge they have, etc.) periodically or to provide them with feedback?

I stumbled upon some articles that it’s a growing trend to encourage peers to review one another. Do you think it’s easy using LiveChat? Do you do it at all? If yes - how does it look like? If not - why and would you like to start somehow?

Let’s talk about it!


I used to do the review and coaching, but have since moved the review and coaching to a peer within the department. I have a newer member of the team review every chat from the day before (reading the chats helps them expand their knowledge of potential incoming questions) and that team member takes time with the group to review any issues/missed opportunities/wins. He also picks a chat of the day and discusses it with the group who it was (pat on the back) and why it was a successful interaction.

I’ve found this to be very successful with my team. They are open to feedback from each other and always willing to discuss or ask for help in potential challenging situations. I feel like it has opened up their lines of communication.

Of course, I always spot check for quality control to ensure the the checker hasn’t missed anything, but I find I don’t have to address very much as they have done it themselves as a team.


How do you keep track of it? Do you have any review goals like 10 chats/day?

The checker has to review every single chat conversation each day. We are a smaller company and newer to LiveChat, so he is reviewing 50-100 chats each day. Of course it’s only 5-10 that they discuss as a group with areas of opportunity or great interactions.

I have a separate checker for review Chatbot responses and tweaking those each day as well.