Remember, we are ready to support you!


As a LiveChat team, we would like to let you know that we want to support you and your business especially when the worldwide situation is dynamically changing.

At the time when the world is turning to online communication, we want to assure you that our Support Heroes are available 24/7 and they would gladly help you with any problems and questions that you might have.

We would like to remind you about some of our initiatives:

  • Nonprofit organizations can use our product for free through LiveChat for Nonprofits program. If you are a for-profit organization, you can also apply if you show us how you support others.
    If you know an organization that may need our help, please let us know.

  • We provide an extended trial period to all companies in need of switch to remote work. In addition to that, we can offer you a 50% discount for your first annual payment. Reach out to us!

We, as a company, also had to implement some changes, like switching to the remote type of work. But despite any circumstances, we believe that your organizations, as well as ours, will get through that difficult season.
Stay strong! :muscle:

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Hello, Do you have tutorials on the system? I am a new user.

Hello, what tutorial do you need, specifically?
Check out our Help Center:

You can find there tutorials on how to get started, best live chat practices and other topics.

And if you would like to apply for an extended trial period, let us know by clicking on the link provided above :slight_smile: